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Noah Arf

Noah Arf

Noah Arf

Company selection

The name of the company is Noah Arf. It is a luxury pet hotel and the target market is UK.

Company Summary

It is a newly established company which has specialized in providing high level of pet care. The services which will be provided by this company are as follows: Day/night care, Day care, In house care, Washing service, Grooming service, Animal training classes, Pet pictures, Souvenir shop, Pet events and Emergency care for pets

The thing which distinguishes this company from other is its assurance to provide services at lower cost and reachable location. The company services cover all animals' not just cats and dogs. (Siegel, 1999)


The company has many objectives in black and white. These includes stability in monthly sales, more than 50% gross margin on pet products, the company will reach breakeven within first few months and will work on expansion by end of second year.


The mission of the company is to satisfy the customer and provide an animal friendly environment. The mission includes providing satisfactory services to both the customer and pet.

Keys to Success

The following services things will help the company to be successful (Podberscek, 2000)

Superior Customer Service:

the company will provide 24 hour high-quality care and service.


clean and safe environment will be provided to the client.


varied services are being provided under one roof.


reachable location so that all clients can visit when necessary without any hassle.


high goodwill as compared to other companies.

Global Marketing Strategies

The marketing strategy of the company is distinct. It has all of its focus on the customer. They measure the customer satisfaction by taking care of animals and returning customers. In UK market there are very little no of pet hotel and this company will stand apart due to its excellent services. In the initial phase, 15 % discount will be provided to customer to build a clientele. Huge focus would be on advertising strategy. (Lynch, 2000)

Product and Service Description

This company is going to be launched on huge scale as pet hotel. Many services would be offered to customer. Services are as follows: (Katcher, 1983)

Overnight Care

the client can leave the pet for 24 hour care without any worry.

Day Care:

there is lot of room for a playful, hygienic and safe environment. Physical training will also be provided to animals to make them healthy.

In-home Animal Care:

these services can also be provided at the home of the client if necessary.

Wash Your Own Pet:

bathing is essential for the ...
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