Non-Verbal Communication

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Non-Verbal Communication

Non-Verbal Communication

Part I: Proposal


            Non-verbal communication encompasses facial signs, eye communicate, pitch of voice, body posture and shifts, and positioning inside groups. It may furthermore encompass the way we wear our apparel or the quiet we keep. (Burgoon 1999)


Literature Review

            Communication is the move of data from one individual to another. Most of us spend about 75 per hundred of our rousing hours broadcasting our information, ideas, and concepts to others. However, most of us go incorrect to recognize that a large deal of our  communication is of a non-verbal pattern as are against to the oral and in writing forms. When Demosthenes was inquired what was the first part of oratory he responded, "'action"; and which was the second, he answered, "action"; and which was third he still responded, "action." People are inclined to accept as factual activities more than words! Today, numerous investigators are worried with the data dispatched by communication that is unaligned of and distinct from verbal information; namely, the non-verbal communication. Verbal communication is coordinated by language; non-verbal communication is not. (Bovee 2000)


Proposed Methodology

            For this study we have utilized the qualitative study approach. Qualitative study is much more personal than quantitative study and values very distinct procedures of assembling data, mostly one-by-one, in-depth meetings and aim groups.  However, since this study study is a lesser qualitative study the facts and numbers that has been assembled for qualitative investigation has been through an comprehensive reconsider of publications that has been released in the area in the past couple of years.Libraries encompassing online databases were accessed to get the most applicable and revised literature. Some of the online databases that were utilised are: EBSCO, Emerald, Blackwell, etc. 

Part II: Annotated Bibliography

Reddick, Ellen. Body language and your enterprise success. Enterprise/Salt Lake City, 6/28/2010, Vol. 39 Issue 55, p13-15, 2p; Abstract: The item interprets the power of non-verbal communication over verbal expression. It assertions that it is not what is verbally said that leverages and convinces persons but rather what the body language imparts. Since the human body can make more than 700,000 exclusive movements, it remarks the significance of body movements encompassing posture, handshakes, and facial expressions.

Danes, Lisa. COMMUNICATION and SUCCESS in the service department.  Yard & Garden, Jul2008, Vol. 31 Issue 7, p14-17, 3p, 4 Color Photographs; Abstract: The item talks about the implication of verbal and non-verbal communication in service agencies of enterprises to double-check buyer satisfaction. Skilled technicians and good value schemes are crucial to accomplish a money-making service department. It is proposed that clients should be greeted by a expert and knowing one-by-one, who they seem snug management their equipment. Another significant concern is hearing and getting to understand a clientele on an one-by-one basis.

Bailey, Maria; Green, Steve. Public talking is all about non-verbal communication.   Las Vegas Business Press, 06/16/97, Vol. 14 Issue 24, p18, 1/3p, 2 Black and White Photographs; Abstract: Talks about the non-verbal part of public speaking. Dress and posture as major concerns when speaking to a group; ...
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