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Alternative Medicine - Nursing

Alternative Medicine - Nursing

Legal and Ethical Issues

The drugs are administered in order to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. Nurses have a duty to keep their knowledge related to pharmacokinetics, growth and development, human anatomy, nutrition and math mode to perform a safe and accurate administration so to comply with the laws involved, either in a intra or extra hospital. This professional has a tool that helps you to systematize and work organization such as the nursing process.

It is especially important to the administration of narcotic (medicines that can affect the mind and behaviour), since its administration most of the time must be carefully controlled by institutional rules and even state. Violations of any legal regulations related to the administration of drugs that performs the nurse may be sanctioned by the temporary suspension of his license to practice or total loss of the right to practice and can in extreme situations come to incarceration.

Drugs that are administered to a person, but also for other persons gain importance. The improper use of antibiotics may contribute to the development of resistance of microorganisms, causing far-reaching consequences.

Oral Analgesia

Physicians normally prescribe the oral medication for acute pain and, according to the case study and other reviews, it is noticed that acetaminophen may be doses up to 1000 mg and, consider as te first choice for the acue pain. In certain cases, modest improvements have been seen and, it is noticed that half of the population complain about the pain or discomfort which prolong for more than three months. Acute pain is served as the important biological function because it warns about the extent of injury. It has also the bad psychological and emotional effects. It can produce important suffering, anxiety, fear, anger and depression. Considering the monitoring of ideal drug administration after the surgical removal. The best procedure is to access the pain using the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) and four to five categorical scales in order to assess the eddicacy variables. The VAS is the easy method because it is easy to understand by the population which is under study. The scale is the ten points scale with an increasing severity. The paremeters of pain is graded numerically and periodically. These are easily available and frequently used. Tramadol is the unscheduled drug which is marketed as an effective and safe analgesic for the severe pain. Local anaesthesia is administered during the whole monitoring of the patient.

Doctors perpetually recommend an oral analgesia to the patients who are in acute pain or discomfort. The doctors classify the kinds of pain into two terms i.e. the chronic pain and the acute pain. A chronic pain is typically a tenderness that ends for a lengthy period of time. This kind of pain is hard to medicate with an oral analgesia, because its side effects are not easy to handle. Furthermore, as the patient will take the pain killer for an extended period, the obsession factor is also taken into concern.

There are drugs whose effects can not only be considered local, because these legally have ...
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