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Person-Centred Care

Person-Centred Care


Health care centers play a significant role in maintaining the living standards of the people in the society. They offer their services for diagnosing, treating, and preventing the people from various kinds of diseases, injuries, and illnesses. The expectations of people from the health care institutions have been raised very drastically since past decade. This is due to the fact that there has been lot of technological advancements in the field of medical.

The advancements in technology have improved the performance of the health care centers, while making the process of treatment easier than before. This makes the job of health care givers more demanding (Nolan,, 2004). The advancements not only have improved the performances of the health care centers, but it has also benefitted the individuals as most of them have been able to self-understand their conditions.

Nowadays, families have also been involved in providing care to the individuals. Integrating all the stake holders in providing care to the patients along with good nutrition allows the society to live a healthier life. The aim of the health care centers and care givers is to adopt a people-centerd approach towards addressing health issues, in order to provide better care to the people (Price, 2006).

This paper will focus on providing an insight about the role of nurses in providing care to the patients. It will also highlight on the use of numerous communication and interpersonal skills by the nurses in order to provide better cure to the people. Furthermore, the paper will also reflect the benefits of adopting the people-centerd approach by the nurses in the health care settings. Lastly, the drivers and barriers will be discussed which influence the implementation of people-centerd approach.

Role of Nurses

The role of nurses in today's world has become a lot more significant in providing care and prevention against the diseases people had to face. Nursing does not just represent fulfilling one's duties and responsibilities, but it is more than providing care to the people, which focuses on the holistic approach towards mankind. The recent developments in the field of nursing through numerous theories have lead to the concept of focusing on self-care (McCormack, et al., 2011). This approach has become lot more challenging for the nurses, as not only they had to provide care, but also encourage the patients to involve in their care process.

It is very imperative for the people to have sensitivity in their values, cultures, and beliefs. The today's diverse society has led the health care institutions to be more focused on the person-centred approach. Nurses play a significant role in this regard. They tend to listen to the patients to establish a dialogue with them in order to understand their illness and their reactions towards them. They create a good therapeutic relationship with their patients, who are key stake holders in the care process (Ghebrehiwet, 2011). The coordination of nurses with the patients ensures a high quality of service is being served to the ...
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