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Using Approved Assessment Procedures in Nursing

Using Approved Assessment Procedures in Nursing


The function of 'mentor' is routinely discovered in the practice education of healthcare and other students. In some situations, mentors fulfil solely carrying functions, proposing expert function modelling and discovering support. In other ones, for example nursing and midwifery, the function furthermore embraces evaluation of competence.

 Extensive study has been attempted into the knowledge and adversities of nursing mentors, but midwifery-specific studies emerge restricted to three, to date. Very little clues is accessible considering the leverage of a practitioner's know-how, and there has been no direct investigation of the influence of a mentor's own learned requirements on their desires regardless of the expanding proceed to all-graduate rank in healthcare.


The assessment that I will be focusing on is the first stage of the nursing method in the pattern of the primary assessment interview. The persevering engaged in the assessment is a 28 year vintage male who was accepted to a medical ward after an over dose. Within a couple of days it was established that the persevering had mental wellbeing difficulties so he was mentioned to the community psychiatric nurse by his advisor and communal employee, in alignment to extend his care in the community, after his release from the medical ward. I was presented to the client, and his consent was granted for me to use this assessment for the reason of my study. The client in this allotment will be mentioned to as 'Fred'. This is a pseudonym, in alignment to defend his genuine persona and for the reason of confidentiality, this is furthermore a obligation of the Nursing and Midwifery Code of Professional Practice (2002).

Personal Opinion

There are a large deal of components to be granted concern when assessing a client; I will be mainly intensifying on interpersonal connection, and the assessment environment. The client is the most precious source of data and vital components can be gleaned from the assessment. The kind of assessment utilised was the semi-structured set about whereby data is accumulated on a article which is conceived for the exact purpose. Fred's' primary assessment interview was conveyed out by a listed nurse, with myself observing.

On going into the room the nurse presented herself to Fred who in turn presented himself to her. Good connection abilities is an significant part of the nurse client connection, in as much as when two persons are proposing their titles to each other they are respectively furthermore proposing themselves, which shows an openness and readiness to converse and share with each other (Sundeen et al 1998). However Northouse & Northouse (1998) state that connection is the method of data distributing, through utilising widespread directions, where as Glover & Radcliffe (2000) recount connection as any interaction with another person.

The nurse offered as being pleasing, grinning and relaxed. She sat somewhat ahead with her hands put palm down on her lap. As she talked to Fred, she made befitting eye communicate with him. These signs of non-verbal demeanour, all show to the client ...
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