Nursing Care Plan

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Nursing care plan

Nursing care plan


James is a retired lawyer and lives with wife in an apartment owned by him in North America. Recently, James had a heart attack due to severe diabetes. The patient was admitted to a nearby hospital because of problems inherent his wife's health prevented him from taking care of her husband. However, the nursing home had some excellent nurses and Janice was one of them. The care, love and discipline Janice displayed in the treatment of James, slightly improved his health. Today, James can see in his regular morning walks with his wife, laughing and smiling happily (Waldmeir, 1999).

Nursing Care Plan Diabetes Mellitus

Control patients

Within 7 days of hospital admission, all patients should have a mandatory urine test. When tested positive, cases of diabetes should be referred to physicians or physicians with greater charge. The areas to be controlled by the nurses monitoring of glucose by glucose monitors blood rises high or low blood pressure check, foot and skin care tests and programs of the patient's diet. If the person is tested negative on urine tests and still not recovered from other symptoms associated with diabetes, should be reviewed again after a few days or weeks.

Managing High Blood Pressure

Each patient is different from the past history of medical complications and for blood pressure readings can vary significantly. If patients with high blood pressure have a long history of drugs or smoking, should be asked to stop smoking. You can have the necessary support of the hospital authorities in order to stop the person smoking. Tell your doctor regularly, the blood pressure readings of the patient. All patients set goals for blood pressure. If a patient has reached normal levels of blood pressure, then see the doctors and make the necessary changes in nursing care plans.

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