Nursing Management

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Nursing Management


This paper exhibits about the nursing shifts that should not be more than 8 hours; the shift best to work is an 8 hour shift in nursing. The papers clearly describe the consequences of working late and more than 8 hours in nursing. I has been described that people usually have burn out disorders if they work for more than 8 hours. Specially nursing is the field, where people have much stress over the work as caring of patients and dealing with all the complexities is not an easy task. Thus the result that has been described clearly shows about the negative aspects.

Nursing Management


Shift work is being done permanently or frequently mind outside regular working hours during the day. In effect, this type of work can be done continuously at night, permanently in the afternoon or with varying hours. Each type of shift has advantages and disadvantages associated with different effects on the welfare, health, social life and the yield labor movement. In traditional systems of slow rotations, the rotate weekly shifts, that is, a week of work follows a weekly night shift work later, and conation, a morning shift (Pascale, 2011).

The human being is a being basically diurnal, that is, its organization and mechanism is essentially "programmed" to work solace and rest day and night. There are mechanisms internal (so-called biological clock) that control the physiologic logy and biochemistry of the body to fit the cycle 24 hours. These cycles are called circadian rhythms. The perturbation approval of circadian variations of physiological functioning produced by the need to stay awake and biologically abnormal working hours, and sleeping during the day, is one of the most stressful features of work in turn. Despite the common assumption that the disturbance the circadian system may have adverse long- term has not been easy to establish a cause and effect.

Despite the absence of compelling evidence, there is a broad consensus on the desirability of implementing the workplace few turns to avoid, as far as possible, a permanent disturbance of circadian rhythms.

Nursing as a profession has been built up over the centuries and more rapidly in recent decades as medicine, these developments demand a quality education with human, scientific, technical and ethical, to meet all human responses of patient family and community, that have been modified by biotechnology developments, new lifestyles, socio-economic changes, new family structures due to migration, the environment polluted by the same man, minimizing appearance of the traditional cultures, especially in health aspects. Nursing is a demanding job. It not only involves the human component but also the impact of service on individual's health. Many times, nurses are required to work for more than 12 hours a day. Frequent changes in shift timings create burden on mind to balance the social life. Absence of proper reward channel and lack of fairness in system reduces the motivation level of nurses. Obsessive demands in work and high workload create pressure on mind and in most instances result in formation of stress. American medical Association conducted a study which ...
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