Nursing Management

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Nursing Management

Nursing Management


It's often recognized that the primary role of Nursing Management or Manager is to plan, organize, direct and control financial resources, human and material with the intent to effectively fulfill the goals of the institution. The nurse who performs the role of manager should guide their activities from the knowledge that provides administrative sciences, economics and politics. The theories and principles of these disciplines are necessary for the administrative practice of nursing care. However, the nurse in charge of management should consider the values, attitudes and knowledge of the discipline that give a different care management. So it should have a comprehensive leadership that encourages internal users (nurses) to improve care.


Meleis (1989) says that the management of care is exercised not only with resources that give management theories, but also with relationships and conceptions of the discipline of nursing are caring for the person, the center of nursing service. Kerouac Susan (1996) defines, the management of nursing care as a heuristic process, aimed to mobilize human resources and the environment with the intention of maintaining and promoting the care of the person, interacting with environment, and health living experiences. "

The role of the nurse responsible for care management is to support staff that provides care. Care management is aimed at achieving its intended nursing practice, knowledge management as a process used to creativity, inquiry and transformation in this regard it is considered heuristic. The contribution of the head nurse responsible for nursing management is unique, represents a necessary action to ensure health services humanized and quality in a context of optimal utilization of available resources. In this way, the nurses responsible for the management of care face significant challenges pursue their activities in an environment characterized by multiple problems and obstacles and within the alternatives with a management approach for ensuring the quality of care to the person living experiences of health.

Nursing Care Management and the Environment

There is no doubt that with the changes in health organization, and more recently with the reform processes in the sector, health institutions have become more complex. Financial constraints, the shortage of nurses, supplies for health care, high costs, conditions of practice, excessive regulations, legislation, the demands of users with more education and information, and demographic changes epidemiological and health, today characterized the environment in which care is granted. All these aspects are a major challenge to practice and management of nursing care.

Behaviors which are detrimental to the unit's functioning are elements that hinder the effective management environment, for even small staff. Predominantly women faced multiple social roles (wife, mother, professional), high-staff turnover, absenteeism, heterogeneous teams in their training, low education continuing, service and selflessness, it must also cope with stress, anxiety and pain of patients. From this perspective, the environment requires careful management of the head nurse, exercise leadership and motivation, two essential processes to ensure quality care. Leadership to influence the action of the persons responsible for care in relation to his personal commitment and respect for people, so the nurse manager can transmit the values of care and take supportive attitudes toward staff responsible and reduce the factors that ...
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