Nursing Sensitive Indicators

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Nursing Sensitive Indicators

Nursing Sensitive Indicators


It is said that caring is the essence of nursing and the care paradigm is the element that makes the difference between nursing and other disciplines in the area of ??health. You cannot ignore that most of the nursing staff emphasis on healing and have targeted prevention. However, research has made some attempts aimed at healing area, rather than the care itself.

The health sector with respect to the quality of care is changing dramatically. The explosive growth of institutions providing health services charges for health care have led to draw more attention from the public, private payers and government regulators and private. The costs of health care are continually increasing, so is questioning the institutions and health service providers hoping to demonstrate the value and quality of these services (Hamric 2009).

Patient care can be measured through indicators that reflect the way we are providing this care, also known as "monitoring practice of care."

The quality indicators of nursing care are intended to:

1. Measure the patient or user satisfaction with care:

Care attitudes

Perception of care

2. Measuring patient outcomes

3. Establish indicators of quality of care (Hamric 2009).

The increased demand for nursing care and their expertise has occurred simultaneously with the pressure to reduce costs, which means that Nurses have to prove increasingly necessary. This represents a major challenge, since they are expected to demonstrate their value from an appropriate balance between the quality of care and its cost effectiveness. Therefore, you need a vigorous and joint research on these issues, among which are: assessing the efficiency of nursing care and evaluation of the effectiveness costs of nursing interventions, not to mention the actual cost of inefficiency (Hamric 2009).

How an understanding of nursing-sensitive indicators could assist the nurses in this case in identifying ...
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