Nursing Shortage

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Nursing Shortage

Nursing Shortage


The mix of better wages, improving working conditions, employment of foreign worker will help solve the shortage of nurses for a short period of time but if this is to be solved on a permanent basis then the solutions should be made on the fronts. The nursing situation is getting organized due to the condition and issues but any major change would not happen overnight. It is being said that there are several other interests and negating lobbies that consider keeping the things going just like they are.

Nursing Shortage


Today as we see many people who are in desperate need for jobs we also find a field where professional are desperately needed. This field is of nursing where health care organization and patients are in desperate need of nurses. The downfall of economy which has happened in the last years may be considered to have eased the shortage of nurses in the country. But, at the same time nursing institutions say that they have been greatly struggling in order to keep up with the pace of the nursing shortfall that is about to come. The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief overview about the shortage of nurses that is affecting the health care society.


Employment organizations say that nursing is the most demanding profession nowadays which will stay this way for another decade and the demand for nurses is at most. However, the supply of nurses is not able to cope up with such demand even when we see a rise of nine percent in the unemployment rate.

The demand for nurses in upcoming years is as the increase of baby boomer population as well as the quantity of nurses who will be retiring. The shortage of nurses was somehow helped by the economy downfall. Still it is being said that there will be an increase in the shortage in upcoming years (Marques, 2009).

Karen Haller who is the vice president of nursing at the Hospital of Johns Hopkins spoke about the shortage of nurses and said that

“I look at it like a double helix. When the economy is up, the nursing supply goes down. And when the economy tank, the supply goes back up”

What is being observed right now is the aging of the current work force involved in nursing. Many of the nurses are in their retirement ages and will most probably retire soon and the authorities cannot delay this retirement for a long period of time (ANA, 2012).

Some problem is not just the lack of nurses but it is also due to the school and institutions that can teach the nurses. According to studies there are not enough seats available to allocate the number of people who seek career in nursing. A reason for this can also be considered as the lack of faculty in institutions.

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