Nursing Shortage In Us

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Nursing shortage in US


The research problem is “Dramatic increase in US population and shortage of nurses”. The research problem is relevant as it provides the knowledge about the increased requirement of the nurses in US.

The study focus on the problems faced by the US in the area of nursing due to increased population and less no. of available nurses. The fact is that there is a severe shortage of nurses in this country for many years; the only problem will worsen in coming years. (Johnson & Johnson 2010) Population of the United States pale by the minute, as the baby boom population gradually established his residence in retirement. (John 2010)

This figure of industry health care per se does not compromise the ability to provide adequate care for local residents, but when used in combination, to take students and nursing schools has declined, is easy to see that this trend is not conducive to. (Johnson & Johnson 2010)


The research is based on secondary data (qualitative research). Data were extracted from published articles and books. Secondary research describes information gathered through literature, publications, media, and other non-human. (Johnson & Johnson 2010)

The research approach used is qualitative. Qualitative research is more subjective than quantitative research and use very different methods of collecting information which could be both primary and secondary. As already mentioned this study chooses the secondary method. The nature of this research is exploratory and open. (John 2010)


The purpose of the study is to identify the shortage of the nurses. It gives the prediction about the upcoming shortage of nurses. It provides the complete overview of the nursing industry. However, nearly 25 million shortages of nurses caused by a quarter of the decade is not just the end of the challenges facing the healthcare industry, but for those who are interested in career opportunities in nursing. Much more specialized care is among the highest wages and benefits should attract more and more the number of young nurses in the grass. The key to achieve the goal of alleviating shortage is that; effectively hire the best and brightest students from law school. (Johnson & Johnson 2010)

Yes it does focus on the EBP. It states that, as the care of the patient becomes increasingly linked to technological developments, practical care routine can be drilled using the same technology. Technological advances may also be used for testing and certification parameters for nursing educators regarding prognosis, treatment, harm and etiology.


The clinical significance of this study is that health care to address their lack of active recruitment of a combination of technology, the hospital has funded education. The nursing shortage can be alleviated by the use of practice nurses. Skills could be strengthened by improving their level of education through adult education, continuing education and seminars. This study is for students who want to make care-related professional. It is also useful for those who are nursing educators. (John 2010) The results are accurate and sustained effort to prepare them to ...
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