Nursing Station

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Nursing Station

Nursing Station


Nurses are the human resources and health professionals more numerous responsibilities are diverse and are found in all scenarios related to health care, from highly specialized school, general hospitals, health centers farther in rural or urban areas, the home of people, schools and workplaces; educate nurses, going, consultants, researchers, but primarily for the health and welfare of human beings. The stand taken in this paper is for centralized nursing station. This is because centralized nursing station covers major areas of nursing field and it has better communication among different nurses for various queries (Jarrell & Shattell, 2010).

Nursing actions are characterized by being versatile, highly flexible, with a large multidisciplinary content, but also full of paradoxes we are asked to develop critical thinking, analytical skills, we consider the elements of globalization that affect the systems of health. It also requires very technical skills of maintaining a high sensitivity for the humane treatment of individuals in situations of health and disease. In this scenario, the conditions of professional practice tend to be transformed daily by the effects of technological development of computerized communication systems, but also for the impact that changes in the epidemiological phenomena such as the aging population, the emergence of new diseases like AIDS and the resurgence of others such as tuberculosis, as well as diseases related to poverty. However, and beyond the diversity and change that confront nurses in health care and professional practice of nursing care is the reason for the profession and are the drivers of our work and at So our focus and subject matter of nursing as a professional discipline (Brennan, 2008).

Physical location for the implementation of administrative procedures, this place should be shared with clinic nurses and the nature of activities is different and perform in the same place can influence the technical break or hinder some procedures. Physical plant: the nurses' station must have a special physical or form part of another area. The nursing station should be close to room's hospitalization and may be located on-site traffic and aisles.

Functions to be performed:

•Evolution of medical records.

•Preparation of nursing care plan.

•Review of rack.

•Storage of medical records.

•Storage nursing records.

•Storage and office forms for patient care.

•Maintenance status of patients.

•Physical location of intercoms and telephones.

•Location of computers (Abma & Widdershoven, 2006).

Module Nursing

The user can perform various operations such as patients admitted to the clinical course record, make requests to the laboratory tests or medical orders, implement your medical history, recording the constant clinics, medicines supplied (communicating with the module for controlling pharmacy stock) and, the confirmation of the care given and making constant (programmed both from Prescriptions) In addition, the module generates the graph of constants facilitates the vision of the evolution of streamlines patient and bed management, facilitating temporary and permanent transfers of patients, sharing beds, travel, etc.

The Nursing Station Module provides the clinician and nursing a graphical interface designed to see how information is being provided medical care to each patient. The clinician can see results, orders, medications, vital signs, patient ...
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