Occupational Therapy

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Occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy is a career which is basically related to the promotion of health and well being through engaging in occupation. The basic aim of this profession is to promote health by enabling individuals to get engaged in healthy and purposeful activities to stay healthy and prevent any harmful diseases throughout their lives. This profession includes people, more specifically therapists who aim to develop, recover and maintain a healthy lifestyle among individuals through useful treatments. Occupational therapy is basically a client focused profession, but the role of clients is also very important in order to enable the therapists to take effective measures and treatments for their respective clients. Occupational therapy is a profession which implies therapists to work in hospitals and community and health care settings for 40 hours per week. Some of the therapists related to occupational therapy could also be required to work in schools, and they could do other jobs as well. It has been observed that most of the occupational therapists take this profession as a part time (Creek, 2010). Some of the core duties and responsibilities of occupational therapists include are mentioned as follows.

Usage of physical exercises to help patients increase strength.

Designing special equipment needed at home or at work.

Assist clients in performing activities of all types.

Design or make special equipment needed at home or at work.

Develop computer-aided adaptive equipment and teach clients to use them within severe limitations.

Use activities to help patients improve visual acuity and the ability to discern patterns.

These are the most significant responsibilities and duties of occupational therapists which contribute towards the betterment of clients. Occupational therapy is a very responsible occupation as it relates to health care and it involves providing suitable treatments to clients regarding their health care issues.

Educational Requirements

The minimum educational requirement for entering the profession of occupational therapy is a bachelor's degree in the related field. Advanced educational requirements for occupational therapists are at least a master's degree or an advanced degree in occupational therapy. The majors that should be studied by individuals to enter the profession of occupational therapy include biology, sociology, liberal arts, psychology, and anthropology and anatomy. These are the minimum requirements for entering the profession of occupational therapy. In addition to these minimum requirements, the occupational therapists in the United States should be licensed to practice. It is essential for individuals to graduate from an affiliated educational program and clear or pass a national certification (Stein, 2002). Illinois College is a prominent institute which provides appropriate education and degree program with appropriate subjects to enable applicants to enter the occupational therapy profession.

Advancements in Occupational Therapy

There are continuous opportunities of advancements in the profession of occupational therapy. The opportunities for advancements in an occupational therapists career are very open. Technology is taking over almost every profession in the world. So, technological advancements are also taking place in the profession of occupational therapy. Occupational therapists are responsible for providing health care solutions and treatments for clients. Occupational therapists that will have the ...
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