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Social Worker

Nature of work

Social workers work with individuals one on one, with family members as a group, and with others behind the scenes. They work as counselors, child welfare workers, psychiatric counselors and aides, case workers, and researchers. Social workers also serve the sick, homeless, and 'down on their luck' individuals, and function in child welfare and family service agencies, probation departments, employment services, and in some disability counseling programs (www.alex.vec.state.va.us).

Education Requirements

A bachelor's degree is the usual entry level requirement in social work. This education level helps one to meet some requirements for certification in mental health or in substance abuse/alcoholism counseling. The values and objective associated with social work and its ethical codes are also usually taught at this level (online.onetcenter.org).

Employment Opportunities

The majority of social workers work in schools, social agencies, or health care settings. Substance abuse and mental health counselors come next. The remaining social workers are mainly employed in public health or criminal justice settings; however, some social workers, who provide psychotherapy, go into private practice as 'clinical social workers'. Their services are usually paid for by the client or his/her health insurance plan (www.alex.vec.state.va.us).


The yearly wages for a social worker with a bachelor's degree is $39,400 per year; with a masters degree (MSW) $45,100; and an administrator or associate college professor of social work earns $66,159 per year (online.onetcenter.org).

Real Estate Agent

Nature of work

Real estate agents are independent salespeople who provide their services, often though a broker, to people who want to buy, sell or lease, or manage property. They are responsible for obtaining listings and finding buyers for those listings. Sometimes one agent will have a buyer, and other will have a seller; sometimes the same agent can work on both parties' behalf.

Educational Requirements

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an advanced ...
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