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Operation Management

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Global Supply Chain for Electronic Works

In the current era, of global supply chain studies was a number of recent developments are highlighted through the expansion in EDI systems (Electronic Data Interchange). The Electronic Data Interchange systems were introduced in the year 1960, and further developed over the period of 1990s. This development took place with the guideline of ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning). In this era, the global supply chain for the electronic works contributed to a considerable extent. This eon of evolution of supply chain is regarded by both accumulative values adding, as well as reductions in the cost with the help of integration (Mentzer et al, 2001).

Concept of Flexibility as Competitive Strategy

If companies tend to play competitive in an active surrounding, they ought to be less inflexible. In an unchanging environment, for instance those which were present earlier, a company's competitive plan clearly encompass outlining a competitive point and later preserving it. Since, it encompass very little time for a manufactured goods or expertise to substitute another. Organizations ought to progress in strategic flexibility. This will help the company to augment the ability to switch from one leading strategy to the other. There needs to be a long term commitment for strategic flexibility so as to develop as well as nurture the dire resources (Simchi et al, 2007).

Vendor Management Inventory

VMI or Vendor Managed Inventory encompasses a cooperative and uninterrupted supply of inventory preserved, coped and restocked via the company right from the last supplying point or even the point of selling to the end consumer.

The whole concept of Vendor Managed Inventory pre regulates the survival of a strategic conglomerate, as well as alliance. This strategic partnership is amid the dealer and distributor, in addition to the partners of, logistic service. On the measure of ...
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