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Comparison between Virgin Atlantic Airlines & Thomas Cook Airlines

Comparison between Virgin Atlantic Airlines & Thomas Cook Airlines


To earn a profit and to operate the business lucratively is the sole purpose of any business. In order to accomplish this objective different businesses adopt different operational strategies. In order to run the business lucratively operational strategies matter a lot because these strategies are interlinked with all the departments of the organization. There are a number of organizations that have been successful in achieving competitive advantage and a strong position in their respective industry with the aid of their well devised operational strategies. This paper revolves around the same phenomenon. The paper discusses the comparison between two organizations, their operations, products and services & the work procedure they use to follow.

Selected Organizations for the Analysis

In order to fulfil the objective of this paper, the organizations that are selected for comparison are Virgin Atlantic Airline & Thomas Cook Airlines. Both airlines operate in the industry of airline where it has to face cut-throat competition. Their direct competitor is British Airways. In today's world where the organization strives to retain the number of customers because of high level of uncertainty and terrorism maintain the position of the company is a painstaking task. With the help, of innovative and creative operational strategies, Virgin Airline & Thomas Cook Airlines are beating the bush.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Airline is one of the global multinationals that is increasing its market and mind share rapidly. Virgin Atlantic is, and airline company owned by Richard Branson. Virgin Airline is the subsidiary of Virgin Group that is very well known for its naughty image in all over the world. With the passage, of time Virgin Airline has grasped a sustainable mind-share and is considered the most luxurious airline in some regions of the world; such as United Kingdom, North America, Middle East and Asia etc. The mission statement of the organization is as follows:

“At Virgin Airline, our mission statement is simple: to grow into a profitable airline; where people love to fly and where people love to work” (Beech, 2006, pp. 425-512)

The purpose of this paper is to analyze and critically discuss the marketing, communication and branding strategies of Virgin Airline. This paper aims to explore and critically discusses the marketing strategies adapted by Virgin Airline that enabled it successfully achieve a sustainable position in the market. This paper will analyze each and every aspect of the marketing strategies of Virgin Airline (Parker 2001, 426).

Thomas Cook Airlines

In February 2, 1999, Carlson Leisure Group merged with Thomas Cook into a holding company owned by West LB, Carlson Inc and Preussag Aktiengesellschaft ("Preussag"). However, in mid-2000 Preussag acquired Thomas Cook rival Thomson Travel and was forced to sell its majority 50.1% stake in Thomas Cook by regulatory authorities. (Arnold, 2001, pp. 44-48)

In March 2001, the Department of Financial Services has been sold to Travelex, who retained the right to use the brand Thomas Cook traveler's checks for 5 ...
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