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Operations Supply Chain Management

August 19, 2011

To: OP100 Students

From: Dr. Richard Dawe

Operations Supply Chain Management

The method just in time is a system of organization of production to factories, originally Japanese, also known as Toyota or JIT method, increases productivity. Another feature is to reduce the cost of management and loss warehouses due to redundant stocks. A definition of the aim of JIT would produce the elements needed in the quantities needed in time of need. Separate internal and external adaptation: The internal is that which is taken when the machine is stopped. The external is when one that can be done in advance, while the machine is still running. By the time the machine has finished processing a batch; operators have made the external adaptation, and are prepared to carry out internal. Only this idea can save 30-50% of the time. Convert internal external adaptation: This includes ensuring that all operating conditions (collecting tools, heat the molds, etc.) are met before stopping the machine. Simplify all aspects of adaptation. External adaptation activities can be improved properly organizing the workplace, putting the tools near the place employees and performing preventive maintenance on machinery. Internal adaptation activities can be reduced by simplifying or eliminating the settings. Carry out adaptation activities in parallel or total elimination. Add an extra person to adaptive equipment can significantly reduce the setup time. In many cases, the time it takes two people to do a job is much less than half what it would take one.

The lean supply chain is not for companies who want to streamline their business processes by avoiding the non value added activities. There are various areas in a business where many functions of supply chain may be redundant which are time, cost, and inventory. To create a leaner supply, the company has to examine the every supply chain functional area. The large companies often have complex purchasing operations, this can give the vendors a multiple contracts leading to the price variations, a methodical approach is a one point of the contract so that the vendors can set the price accordingly. These include the internet, inadequate purchasing, and changes in the payment options. Lean supply chain is a simplified approach in the manufacturing area as it shows a significant improvement in the supply chain functions. In this regard, the companies consider the warehouses process to find the areas of eliminating the no useful resources and operations. Ion a holistic context, a lean supply chain requires the managing to examine every process in their supply chain and analyze the areas that use the expendable resources.

Successful scheduling goes for ensuring effective time management realizing what the company can achieve in a given time. It includes plans to make the best use of the available time and leave sufficient time for the aspects that the business needs to handle. There are various scheduling tools which re available to facilitate the time management i9ncioudign the paper based organizations, diaries, calendars and the ...
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