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Reliance Industries SCM

Reliance Industries SCM

Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is known as India's largest conglomerates in the private sector. The company enjoys the status of having the highest annual turnover and the highest market capitalization in the year 2010. The company started off to specialize in petrochemicals, oil and gas refining and other operations, however, in the later way; extended its brand name into other product categories like mobile phones, textile, financial services, etc. Reliance has been rated 13th in the rankings of the Top 250 Global Company Rankings. The Indian industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani was founded in 1966. Ambani has been a pioneer in introducing financial instruments to the Indian markets as fully convertible debentures. Ambani, one of the first entrepreneurs in the stock markets has attracted retail investors. Critics say that in terms of market capitalization, Reliance Industries, Dhirubhai largely to rise to the top position to his advantage to manipulate the control levers of the economy because of the potential. In September 2008, Reliance Industries, the only Indian "world's 100 most respected companies featured in the Forbes list was firm." According to a Reliance shareholder” Reliance has more than 3 million shareholders, the world's most widely held stocks making it one of. Reliance Industries Ltd., in January 2006 after the division has continued to grow. Reliance companies in the Indian stock markets have been among the best performance (Reliance, 2011).


Reliance Industries Ltd (under the brand name of Vimal), petroleum products, petrochemicals, garments from a wide range of products, Reliance Retail, Reliance Fresh as a fresh foods market has entered a new series launched Delight Reliance Retail and called NOVA Chemicals to make energy-efficient structures, a letter of intent signed. The company's main business is petroleum refining and petrochemicals. The Indian state of Gujarat at Jamnagar in a 33 million tons refinery operated. Reliance on the same site that started work in December 2008 to 29 million tons a second refinery is completed. The company is involved in oil and gas exploration and production. In 2002, it struck a major find in the Krishna Godavari basin on the east coast of India. The 2 April 2009 was beginning to get gas production. 3rd quarter of 2009-2010, KG By the end of gas production from D6 to 60 MMSCMD ramped.


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Reliance Petroleum Ltd (Reliance Petroleum Limited), Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) is a subsidiary of and exploit emerging opportunities, create value in the refining zone was created around the world.

Reliance Life Sciences (Reliance Life Sciences) Reliance group companies, India's largest private sector companies have a diversified and integrated bio-technology initiatives.

Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd (Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited), a Reliance group company, the main formation and operation of industrial infrastructure, leasing computers and data processing with the software and is engaged in Supply Incorporated. (Accenture, 2010)

Reliance Life Sciences Institute (Rils) founded by Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation, life sciences and technology is an institution of higher education in various fields.

Reliance Logistics (P) Ltd (Reliance Logistics), a company of Reliance group, even ...
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