Oral Health And Systemic Disease

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Oral Health and Systemic Disease


The article discusses the link between oral health and systemic diseases. Oral health has been the center of attention for many researches during last 25 years, which has helped much to highlight the importance of oral health among public. Particularly, most of the researches have identified possibility in which oral cavity can influence and develop systemic disease. The 2001 report of US surgeon general is quoted in this article shows association between oral diseases specifically periodontal one and coronary heart diseases like diabetes, stroke, adverse pregnancy results and bacterial pneumonia (Barnett, pp. 55-65).

The author has reviewed several intervention researches, epidemiologic researches and researches seeking to explain the mechanisms of action. The outcomes of various studies at different points has been perceived contradictory by the author, which in fact is not unexpected as per the variation in the research design, universe of research and the analysis technique employed. However, this generates dilemma for people who intimately are not concerned with this type of research. This article aims to provide supplement and update the existing literature in relation to the subject. The author in the end has consolidated the view point of many past researchers and claim that oral health are in many cases directly linked with systemic disease (Barnett, pp. 55-65).


Mouth is one important part of human body, which indeed reveals a lot about overall well being and health. There are direct and substantial connections between the oral healths of a person with overall health. For the fact, it is believed that around 90 per cent of the systemic health conditions like diabetes and heart diseases are connected with the mouth symptoms (Barnes, pp. 63-70). Amazingly, a dentist can in fact identify and recognized these symptoms in a person before he or she can do.

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