Organisation And Behaviour

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Organisation and Behaviour

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British Operations4

Non-British Operations5

Relations with stakeholders6

Shareholder Engagement7

Evaluation of the Financial Management Policies of Tesco Plc over the Last Five Years10

Critical Evaluation of Financial Management Policies of Tesco12

Analysis of Financial Statements to determine the current share price of Tesco Plc as 'Fair Value'13

Anticipated Findings17




This dissertation is based on the evaluation of the financial management policies and practices of Tesco Plc over the last five years in order to determine whether or not the current share price of Tesco Plc represents a 'Fair value'.

The purpose of these evaluations and findings is to understand the following:

Examined and critically evaluated the key strategic decisions that a business may have to make and appreciated how accounting and finance can assist in making and evaluating those decisions.

A critical understanding of specific analytical skills in key decision areas within strategy and finance at local and international level.

A critical understanding of the limitations of the current state of financial theory in making strategic business decisions.


Tesco Plc - Brief Business Summary

The British Group, Tesco Plc is considered as the king of supermarkets in Britain (yahoo finance, 2007). Its business is related to the small grocery stores under the Tesco Metro brand name, big supermarkets outside cities (Tesco Extra) and 24-hour stores. Its stores are not limited to food sector but also to provide books, CD/DVD/mini-discs, hi-fi and household appliances, household equipment, flowers, wine, apparel and many other items. In January 2003, Tesco takes over its key competitor in the British Territory, T & S Stores. Currently, it employed 270,800 fulltime employees worldwide. Tesco has adapted rapid technological changes to boost its sales. Such as its on-line sales site -, is now heavily contributing to its profits in recent years. The Group currently holds almost 1,988 stores in the UK and 1265 stores outside UK (Annual Report, 2007). Today, its market capitalization has reached £36.60 bln. (Reuters, 2007)

British Operations

The British operations of Tesco's stores are divided into five formats, and are differentiated by size and the range of products sold. (Annual Report, 2007)

Tesco Extra - hypermarkets that stock all of the product ranges that are available at Tesco and are mostly out of the town with free car parks. (Totalled 147 in Feb, 07).

Tesco superstores - standard large supermarkets, stocking groceries plus a much smaller range of non-food goods than Extra and mostly located in suburbs of cities or on the edges of large and medium-sized towns. (Totalled 433 in Feb, 07).

Tesco Metro - Smaller than Tesco superstores but bigger than Tesco Express in size and are mostly located in city centres and on the high streets of small towns or villages). (Totalled 162 in Feb, 07.

Tesco Express - neighbourhood convenience shops in busy city centre districts and small shopping precincts in residential areas, and on petrol station forecourts, with stocking mainly food with an emphasis on higher-margin products. They also provide financial services: a joint venture with the Royal Bank of Scotland enables it to offer life insurance and general insurance (home, ...
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