Organisational Culture

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Organisational Culture - Apple Inc.

Organisational Culture - Apple Inc.

Organizational Culture

In today's modern world the significance of cultural and traditional values has gained more importance than ever. Now, the world has become a global village. Therefore, the need to retain and promote culture and tradition has augmented as well. The cultural and traditional values of a society give it an identity of its own. In past, we have observed that societies who haven't protected and extended their culture and tradition have disappeared in time.

Culture is the set of all forms, models or patterns, explicit or implicit, through which a society governs the behavior of individuals within it. As such it includes customs, practices, codes, standards and rules of the manner, dress, religion, rituals, and norms of behavior and belief systems. From another point of view we can say that culture is all the information and skills that humans possess. The concept of culture is fundamental to the disciplines that are responsible for the study of society, especially anthropology and sociology.

Organizational culture refers to the environment of the workplace that created from the interaction of the employees. Leaders play an enormous role in significant organizational culture through their action and leadership qualities. Hence, an entire employee of the organization contributes towards the organizational culture. Change in any business has become an essential element to survive in the market and the customers satisfied. There are hundreds and thousands of ways and techniques that could assist the businesses to improve their productivity, quality and customer satisfaction. If companies do not respond to the changes, they will become victims of their own success. Therefore, companies should constantly look into ways to change their process in order to survive in the rapidly changing world. Organizations have faced significant changes in the environment of the business with the changes in information technology, highly competitive firms in the industry and more focus on quality and customer services

Apple Inc.

Apple is popularly known as a technology company, astounding the world with its exceptional products. The American multinational conceptualize, designs and markets consumer electronics, personal computers and computer software Apple Inc. is a computer manufacturing company that is working globally. Apple grew very fast in a little time due to its strong culture, hierarchy; policies and innovation which truly made the company achieve prosperity. The organizational structure of the company is made is such a way to be more competitive in a critical juncture, in the company's history. The organizational culture of Apple is unique with the drive to outperform and succeed with the high involvement of the employees. Apple has been continuously involved in the innovation process and is hoping to be the market leader very soon because of its strong encrypted culture and structure (Company Information).

Culture is extremely important as said by Bilodeau. "If you don't have a successful culture, you don't have a successful factory and you don't have a successful product." Apple culture, still evolving but taking on a Fountain flavour, manifests itself throughout the plant: ...
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