Organizational Behavior Analysis

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Organizational Behavior Analysis

Organizational Behavior Analysis


The main purpose of this paper is to analyze the organizational behavior of any organization and discuss different organizational behavior factors of the organization. The paper is an analysis of the organizational behavior of the organization by defining the type of culture used in the organization, modes of communication, different techniques of motivation, areas of EQ incorporated and the ways through which the components of a virtual organization are embraced. Organizational behavior is the field which studies the ways through which people, groups and individuals act in an organization. In short, organizational behavior is the study of the behavior of people in an organization. Organizational behavior is an approach including the essence of communication, sociology, management and psychology in it.

Organizational Overview

The organization which I have chosen for the purpose of analyzing the organizational behavior is the city municipality. I have been working in a city municipality since last 5 years and I am very much aware of the organizational happenings and policies. I have been working in the company as a first line supervisor. The company in which I work is the city municipality and the main functions of the company are to treat the waste water. Thus, for this paper I am analyzing the behavior of people of my own organization.

While observing the actions of individuals within the organization it has been analyze that the people working in the organization are motivated and working in a team. The attitude of people towards the work is very positive and they are taking keen interest in work. The observations also indicate that the high goals and effective team work in the organization has enhanced the motivation of people to work in order to meet the goals and perform in a desired manner. Thus, the actions of individuals within the organization were very positive in terms of working for organization.

The individuals in the city municipality are very motivated and enthusiastic to perform their work in an effective manner. They are hard working and are ambitious to achieve the common goals which are the success of organization. The main reason behind the increased motivation of people within organization is the support and confidence from the employers. The environment of the city municipality is very supportive and cooperative. Everyone is allowed to discuss their problems and get the best solution for their problems (Cooke 2008). Thus, this is the main reason that people in the organization are very motivated to perform their tasks in an effective manner.

There are different ways through which the groups of city municipality interact in internal and external standpoint. Internal interaction is basically the interaction between the employer to employee and employee to employee interaction. These interactions are mainly in the form of changes in management, invitations for meetings, trainings and discussion of policies and procedures. However, the common ways used by the groups at city municipality for internal interactions are emails, face to face meetings, conference calls, internal websites and letters (Bingi ...
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