Organizational Behavior Analysis

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Organizational Behavior Analysis

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In this paper, Organizational Behavior involves analyses related to people, groups and structure. In achievement of goals, Flow of communication is considered a hindrance. If one department does not have timely access to information, it would not be able to achieve the end result. Culture includes all levels by attaching significance to how people behave in person, collectively, and at an executive level. Communication is something that we tend to ignore. Every Organization has variation in Structures according to its operations. Motivation is the foundation for inspiring employees with added increments.

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Organizational Behavior Analysis4

Organizational Culture4

Organizational Communication5

Organizational Authority5


Emotional Intelligence7

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Organizational Behavior Analysis


Organizational Behavior analyzes the role of individuals, groups and structures on behavior of an organization. An Organization is made up of people and they are the ones who influence the overall behavior of an organization. Employees employed in any organization are its most treasured assets. An Organization makes sure that it looks after its employees in a befitting manner. Employee's conduct within the organization determines whether the organization is following the concept of positive organizational behavior or not. Corporate Culture is reinforced through the employees. They are the ones who will implement the culture. Success of a Corporate Culture largely depends on the employees. Group Interaction is also a core part of Organizational Behavior. Whether internal groups or departments within the organization, are comfortable sharing information contributes towards efficiency of the Organization. Nature of Communication is also a key element in Organizational Behavior. When we talk about Organizational Behavior as a whole, there is not a single which will be our focus. We have to evaluate multiple issues for a successful analysis of Organizational Behavior. A thorough analysis is being conducted to discuss issues related to Organizational Behavior.

Organizational Behavior Analysis

As discussed, there are multiple issues concerning the analysis of organizational behavior as a whole. So we are going to discuss the core elements of Organizational Behavior one by one:

Organizational Culture

Organizational behavior is a domain to which a number of social sciences such as psychology, sociology, political science, anthropology, and management studies (among others) contribute in one or more segments of individual, group, and organizational-level processes. Culture permeates all levels by attaching culture-specific meanings and significance to how people behave individually, in groups, and collectively at an organizational level. Psychology contributes most to individual-level processes. It explains how, for example, individual employees perceive their job; learn the skills to perform it; respond to their seniors, juniors, and peers; value seniority over merit; opt for security of job over pay packet, and so on. I-low they work and relate to others also depends on their perception of how competent they are, how convincing others perceive them to be, what their needs are, when do they feel motivated or cle-motivated, how much stress and strain they experience, how satisfied they are, what chances they see of realizing a sense of well-being, and so on. (Aluko, 2003)

Organizational Communication

Communication is something that most of ...
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