Our Sexuality

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Our Sexuality

Our Sexuality

One's personal understanding and the ability to make healthy sexual decisions defines one's sexual intelligence.

Different countries have different cultural theme for sex of procreation. In middle east and China sexual pleasure was highly valued in case of both men and women while in the Western world it was opposite.

Islam is the world's fastest growing religion. This religion bases it's philosophy on teachings found in the Quran.

Rigid gender role can affect the person's ability act according to his potential. For example, gender role expectations of what is appropriate for men and women.

Controlling and influencing human behavior is not the goal of sexologist.

This a perfect example of a case study since it is related to making observations about a single subject and recording them.

Case Study method allows for flexibility in the data gathering process and provide for in depth exploration of attitudes, behaviors and feelings.

Experimental method allows for the recording and discovering of the causal relationship between variables.

It is one of the cheapest methods amongst all for collecting such large amount of data and information in a quick manner.

Our biological maleness or femaleness is called sex whereas the psychosocial concept of our maleness or femaleness is called gender.

Sex chromosomes determine our genetic sex.

Two aspects of our biological sex are genetic sex and anatomical sex. Genetic sex is determined by sex chromosomes while anatomical sex marks the physical different between male and female sex organs.

Gender roles are influenced by culture, religions, family traditions, peers and even mass media like television and other modes of communication.

When asked whether she is a boy or a girl, three-year-old Marga enthusiastically states “I'm a girl!” Marga's response indicates that she has a clearly formed sexual orientation.

Vulva refers to the area covering the pubic bone, the external genital structure or the vagina.

Mound of Venus refers to ...
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