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Partnership Working In a Learning Disability Residential Home

Partnership Working In a Learning Disability Residential Home


The most significant factors of an effective partnership are communication, coordination and cooperation all of which are crucial for the smooth running of a Residential Home for people with Learning disabilities. These are the residents of Manor where Independence and involvement within the community are central to life. Working in partnerships has become a norm for most businesses as it improves outcomes and is a cost effective method. Partnerships or arrangements where individuals are working together can be best defined as an arrangement where the partners work as independent bodies otherwise, but agree on cooperating with each other to accomplish a particular common aim.


First as nurse, it is required to prioritise your goals, targets and objectives, for your professional development. Once you have identified these, you will need to look at the type of training/learning opportunity which is appropriate and relevant to your role, which will enable you to meet those goals and targets. Next you need to formulate a plan of how this will be achieved. This will be your professional development plan. A new innovate structure or procedure needs to be introduced to the organization to achieve this task, that is different from the organizations plan and is implemented, a mutually agreed upon plan often times with staff, capability of the residents or according to resources (Huxham & Vangen, 2005).

Initially look at the training you have identified and decide which parts of your plan necessitate formal learning and which parts of your plan necessitate informal learning. You will need to take in consideration many factors when deciding and selecting the appropriate type of learning opportunity which best suits you, as it will need to fit both your life style and also your learning style. Formal learning opportunities could take place in college's, universities or within the workplace. These could be accredited and non-accredited courses, such as a diploma etc and workplace formal training. If it is an accredited course, you may prefer to attend college on a weekly basis or you may prefer a distance learning course, where you can study at your own pace. Informal learning opportunities could include being mentored or coached, and shadowing.

Once you have decided on the type of learning which will meet your objectives, it is also important to take into consideration your learning style and the method of learning which works best for you.

Importance of Working Partnerships

Nurse works in the health field and faces different environments, individuals, families, groups and the community as a whole. The nurse in addition to its role as, a leader plays a dynamic role, which changes as supplying the needs of society. The rationale of such a partnership amongst all those of common interests is that it works on improving experiences and results as the needs to all those involved is identified. This is achievable through minimizing barriers in an organization between the services ...
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