Patient Centered And Health Management

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Patient Centered and Health Management

Patient Centered and Health Management


Patient Centered Medical Home

Medical home model is said to be a source via which there can be an improvement of health care in terms of having a transformation of the way the primary health care is delivered and organized ( A Medical Home cannot be termed as a place where the core functions of the health care are being provided. It entails the following functions:

It is said to provide care in terms of primary health care that is in turn premised on the orientation of the relationship when it comes to one individual. There is a partnering with patients as well as families which is said to require respect and understanding of the patient's preferences, needs, value as well as culture. It is said to support the patients in being competent to take care of themselves via the establishment of care plans. It is also said to be accountable for ensuring that they are able to establish an environment whereby they are able to provide every patient with effective and efficient health care need which also entails wellness and prevention of chronic and acute care via care providers such as care coordinators, physicians, educators, advanced practice nurses, social workers, nurses, nutritionists as well as pharmacists. The kind of care that such entities provide is community services and supports, specialty care, home health care as well as hospitals ( There is a high level of coordination and it is most required when there is a transition in terms of the sites that is upon discharging. There is also a high level of communication when it comes to patients with their families etc. There are relatively less waiting times when it comes to an emergency or a case that requires urgent attention which is apparent in terms of in-person hours along with electronic access and round the clock telephonic communication when it comes to the acre team. It also entails alternate methods of communication such as telephone care and emails. The patients also have their own preferences such as medical home practice which has been most responsive (Landon, 2010).

It is this entity that is said to demonstrate higher level of commitment when it comes to not only quality but also the systems which are said to support quality. These systems are said to be ongoing when it comes to engagement and at the same ...
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