Paul Wesley Airey Leadership

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Paul Wesley Airey Leadership

Paul Wesley Airey Leadership


Leadership is one of the most important positions not only in business but in our daily lives. These leaders are there to guide us in the right direction. It could be a boss setting goals for the business or a parent setting guidelines for their child to abide by. Either way these leaders are looked up to for guidance and relied upon heavily in the journey for success. Chief Airey was an Airman's Airman and one of the true pioneers of Air Force. He was a warrior, an innovator, and a leader with vision well ahead of his time. His legacy lives today in the truly professional enlisted force we have serving our nation, and for that we owe him a debt of gratitude. In this paper we discuss about the leadership style of Paul Wesley Airey.


Leadership is a dynamic or changing process in the sense that, while influence is always present, the persons exercising that influence may change. The source of influence depends upon the situation and upon the individual's skills and abilities to this situation, also known as expert power. Similarly Chief Airey is the most respected enlisted Airmen and leader in the history of the Air Force. When we speak of today's Airmen standing upon the shoulders of giants as they reach for the sky and stars it was upon Paul Airey's shoulders they stood. We will truly miss his leadership, counsel and friendship (Jimmy R. Canlas, 2006).

Leadership, as a process, shapes the goals of a group or organization, motivates behavior toward the achievement of those goals, and helps define group or organizational culture. In Air Force Paul Airey's among those who influence other to perform to their greatest potential. Paul Airey's leadership provided on many levels, for both the department and the organization. It may mean managing activities and resources or negotiating activities. Paul Airey's in air force leadership is a dynamic or changing process in the sense that, while influence is always present, the persons exercising that influence may change. Leadership is many different things to different people in different circumstances (Charles Lucas, 1997).

His life and Ledarship

A Born December 13, 1923, in Bedford, Mass., he spent his childhood, during the years of the Great Depression, in Quincy, Mass. Nearly a year after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, in 1942, Paul quit high school and, ...
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