Pedagogy Content Knowledge

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Pedagogy Content Knowledge

Pedagogy Content Knowledge


Shulman, the innovator of this advance form of content knowledge gives the idea of introducing this knowledge. Pedagogy content knowledge is far more than having a command over a particular subject. This knowledge goes beyond the demand of the subject knowledge and the subject matter for teaching. The practical focus of this knowledge transfer program was to conduct different exclusion in which either the subject knowledge or the pedagogy is delivered. However, to explain the relationship between a subject dominance and a pedagogy dominance, he introduces this knowledge (Reynolds,, 2010, pp. 276-345). This knowledge delivers what type of information is necessary to implant as a teacher. Where the command of the teacher should be. It assess the teachers with different techniques which makes learning easy yet interesting for the child. Furthermore, it provides the teacher with different strategies which helps them in understanding the behavior of the student and tactics to deal with every student successfully (Ball,, n.d., Pp. 1-12).


Teacher Assessment with Student Understanding

Though, it is a difficult task for a teacher to understand the learning of the child and to make sure everything deliver is absorbed by him. However, although it is difficult, it is equally important for a teacher to make sure his job is up to the mark. Though, there are many different ways to assess the students, the most common among all is to observe them. The observation might be formal or informal. The informal observation comes when the teacher is involuntarily watching a student and his behavior and the response he is giving in the class room (Veal,, n.d., pp. 4-19). In contrast, the formal observation is conducted when the teacher takes out discrete time, meet the student and note down his attitude and learning in the class. The another way to assess the knowledge of the student is through anecdotal notes (Veal,, n.d., pp. 4-19). These are the notes which teacher makes as he observes the behavior of the student, and whatever he observes. Similarly, the another technique could be the group talks, where groups of student and the teacher comes in personal communication, and an open forum communication is conducted. This highlights the individual learning, and teacher can easily spot the energetic and the dull amongst them. However, the another and the most prevailed is the portfolio of the students quizzes and assignments. From which, a teacher could easily get an idea of the students understanding, and he can assign marks accordingly. Another ways which are used by the teachers are the mental notes, conferences, random questions, surprise assessment, presentations (Ball,, n.d., Pp. 1-12). Although, there may be many other ways which can contribute effectively in the judgment of the student's understanding in a given subject domain, the above mentioned are some of them (Gess-Newsome,, 2001, pp. 284-310).

Competency Based Tools

In my opinion, the most important tool in measuring the competence of the student is the behavior and ...
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