Pedestrian Safety: A Growing Concern In Public Safety

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Pedestrian Safety: A Growing Concern in Public Safety

Pedestrian Safety: A Growing Concern in Public Safety


Pedestrian safety affects people of all ages. Unfortunately, in many cases, when a pedestrian is hit by a car, he suffered injuries which may be fatal. However, often the driver is not responsible for the incident. Drivers must ensure the safety of pedestrians and vice versa. The prevailing and growing concerns regarding public road and highways safety cannot to be taken lightly, especially when it comes to borrowing a motorway network to carry long distances (Tarak , 2007). The main emphasis of this research paper is on the highway safety or road safety of the pedestrians.

Problem Statement

The main purpose of this research report is to identify the importance of careful driving and safety of pedestrians, because nowadays the number of road and highway accidents are increasing, resulting in an alarming situation for the lives of pedestrians. Therefore, the problem statement of this research paper revolves around the Pedestrian Safety which is growing concern in public safety.

Review of the Literature

Today, there is a need to develop, implement and encourage the balanced approach regarding the pedestrian safety. The number of pedestrians affecting from the road accidents has increased in these days, which has served as a foundation for conducting this research concerning the public safety. There are numerous reasons for the road accidents which occur due to the negligence of the driver, driver was dunked, the vehicle was out of order etc. while implementing or developing any plan for the road safety, the authorities should also consider the mistakes at drivers end also.

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety implies major challenges of postmodern societies, which are marked by the development of the metropolis, cities and even rural areas, and where incursion of vehicles takes precedence, even on individuals. Pedestrian safety conceived from a comprehensive perspective that involves driver education, understood as the acquisition of habits that will enable citizens to accommodate whose behavior rules and principles of traffic and pedestrian safety, as one of its goals (Martin, 2006). Similarly, the concept of pedestrian safety another part of much broader concept as social education, which implies a responsible citizenship education, which is achieved through the creation of habits and attitudes of coexistence, civic culture, quality of life, respect for the environment and, of course, habits and behavior against pedestrian and traffic safety (

Pedestrian Behavior and their Safety

In the safety of the pedestrians the behaviors of the pedestrians carries from aggressive to passive. There are certain types of pedestrians who have passive behavior regarding the pedestrian safety that mostly stays behind for several feet from the defined limits and wait for the vehicles within an acceptable gap. Some of the pedestrians have aggressive behavior towards the pedestrian safety and step out of the curb, they sometime face traffic and also use hand gestures in order to stop the vehicle. There are also certain types of people who have more risky behavior and they tend to run across the road and through little ...
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