Personal Career Development

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“Personal development planning is a planned and supported method to help out students in organizing their own personal learning and occupation progression.” (Beard, C. & Wilson, J. P. 2002, 11-45)

M y experience

In developing a career plan, it is very important to administer a self-assessment. This is helpful to determine career interest, values, aptitudes, and behavioural tendencies. In the assessment process, thought must be given to where I am in my career today, and where I want to be in a year, three years, and ultimately, five years. To begin planning, it is important to identify areas of strengths and areas needing to improvement. This leads to thinking about the steps necessary to achieve an ultimate career goal. (Beard, C. & Wilson, J. P. 2002, 11-45)

What I learn

My Strengths

Following, are details on areas identified as personal strengths. Interpersonal skills are my area of strength because of proven ability to understand other people either as individuals or groups. I have the unique ability to demonstrate to others an accurate perception and comprehension of other people's unspoken or partially communicated feelings, concerns, or thoughts. My proven ability to mentor, supervise employees, and effectively manage projects independently indicates strong management skills. As a seasoned HR professional, I have gained excellent experience in conflict resolution. I have been commended for my ability to effectively resolve conflicts in the workplace. Effective conflict-resolution techniques have helped me to achieve desired professional development and training. In the workplace, I am an independent thinker and understand the importance of making sound decisions. I have the ability to apply critical thinking skills and consider if decisions are in line with the organization's goals and whether decisions will have a positive or negative impact on the organization's human resources. I am a results oriented professional. An excellent record of accomplishment in effectively mentoring and motivating others to get desired results proves this. (Beard, C. & Wilson, J. P. 2002, 11-45)

Career aspirations

My Short Term Goals

MY objective

My Short-term goals include enhancing my current Commercial management and quantity surveying skills and gain experience in specific areas, which will prepare me for the role of Human Resources. Short-term goals are on- going without a specific timeframe. My Personal short-term goals include, increasing knowledge in training and development, continue to improve strategic planning skills, improve written and verbal skills, obtaining degree in business management, membership with Commercial management ...
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