Personal Development Plan

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Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plan


A person learns as he moves ahead in his life and in his career. At first, the person learns as a child, then as a student and finally as a professional. Every person goes through different stages of life in which he learns through diverse experiences . This helps the person in knowing more about the world also in making his life better and teaches him how to lead a peaceful and prosperous life. People who learn through varied experiences is the ones who are successful and who will achieve what they have planned for their future. This paper will talk about my personal development, as a person and as a professional. My authority design is an outcome of self reflection as well as my mentors astonishing insight and magnificently constructive proposals, all is incorporated and I will not take full credit. Some of the remarks are not encompassed as my mentors provided me some very pleasant complements, but all were taken into consideration. I would not have been thriving without her invaluable contributions. Assessing one own's self is very important in life. This gives the person the opportunity to get things right in life and to make sure that he is following his priorities in life. The person gets to prioritize things in life after he assesses himself and the activities in which he is involved

Personal & Career Purpose

I have pursued my studies in the field of Finance. I have completed a number of courses, the major ones being, CIMA & ACCA. I always had an interest in Finance; therefore, I decided to pursue my professional studies in this field. This has helped in me gaining more knowledge about the financial sector of the country. Now I am also a graduate member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators, UK. This has helped me in staying in touch with the student affairs even after graduating. As I have pursued my studies in the field of finance, I have worked in financial companies that have helped me to utilize my business management skills. I have worked for organizations as a SAP consultant and have gained a lot of knowledge about it. This does not mean that my learning has stopped. With the help of different experiences, I have learnt a lot. But now I want to get an expertise into law.


The reason why this field is important to me is that I have an interest in this field, and this has helped to do what I like. It has helped me to learn more about myself and has helped me to explore my skills and capabilities. Had I not chosen this as my professional field and my career, I would have been unable to explore myself and my capabilities. I would not have learnt that I possess good management and consulting skills. As I learnt more about my skills and capabilities, I tried my best to enhance them and polish my ...
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