Personal Development Plan

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Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plan


A personal development plan otherwise known as personal Enterprise plan (PEP) according to Allen. D (2009) be defined as action plan been laid down by an individual, it includes setting achievable goals with specific timing and according to a particular choice if career and it also helps in job improvement and student enhancement in their studies.

In other to have a good personal development plan, there must be a full assessment by the individual on his/her “SWOT” analysis which contains the individual's strength, weakness, opportunity and threats. These factors must be carefully evaluated in other to reach the desired end that the individual has in mind.

Furthermore when the time came for me to choose a career path in my University life I opted for business management because even though it's very competitive I find it interesting because steadily updating myself about the current world markets and trends. This wonderful career in business can only be achievable if I have a good personal development plan (PDP) at hand.

Labour Market

Having the knowledge that the labor market has all the information about job recruiting, demand and how to find one and also gives a job seeker the opportunity to know the skills that's been required in that specific industry .

The Nigerian labor market is an active one with over 150 million populations it can be assumed that talents abound in every industry and sector, therefore with the level of demand for labor most times capable and skillful applicants tend to be ahead of others in terms of job placement and interviews because the competition becomes harder by the day. The labor in Nigeria is experiencing tremendous changing as new government takeover means that policies are going to be changed and thus affect the markets in the country.

Career Aspirations

In searching for a profitable career option, I took a close look at John Holland PhD a profession then at John Hopkins University who came out with a module about the Six per personality types. This theory he formulated has help in researching and having the right attitude towards having a credible and profitable job, the six factors are Artistic, Investigative, Enterprising, Realistic, Social and Conventional.

Short Term Aspirations

As am closer to completing my Degree in Linton University I have already started making plans that will set me off in the right direction towards achieving my goals.

I want to start a small business immediately after school to gain experience how to coordinate and control a business. Furthermore I will want to work for a short period time in any telecommunications company in Nigeria and preferably somewhere close to my state because of proximity and accommodation is cheaper where am located than other cities in the country. The telecommunication company such as MTN, GLO or AIRTEL which deals in a lot of marketing will give me a career boost when employed because I will have the opportunity of meeting customers face to face and a lot of interaction will be done which ...
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