Personal Development Plan

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Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plan


The purpose of a Personal Professional Development Plan would be to identify specific learning goals and provide a structure for professional and career growth. Personal Professional Development plans would also provide guideline for a continuous lifelong learning process. It is a map which sets a road map how to achieve personal and professional goals from the currents position. Personal Development Plan


“Personal development planning is a planned and supported method to help out students in organizing their own personal learning and occupation progression.” (Beard, C. & Wilson, J. P. 2002, 11-45)


In the UK PDP is defined as:

Personal Development Planning is a planned and supported procedure undertaken by a person to reflect upon their own education, presentation and/or achievement and to map for their individual, educational and profession development. The chief object for PDP is to get better the capacity of individuals to know what and how they are learning and to appraisal, plan and take accountability for their own knowledge, helping students:

· turn out to be more effectual, independent and sure self-directed learners.

· recognize how they are learning and relate their learning to a wider background.

· progress their general skills for study and career organization.

· Expressive personal goals and evaluate growth towards their accomplishment. (Rodenbaugh, M. H. 2002, 22-89)

Background to Personal Development Planning (PDP)

Those concerned with policy and practice in education are constantly seeking to meet more effectively the diverse needs of students with a wide range of abilities and ambitions while simultaneously fulfilling the increasing demands of industry and commerce for a highly skilled, yet flexible, workforce This consideration has impelled recent government reforms in the area of 16-19 training and education (Beard, C. & Wilson, J. P. 2002, 11-45)

These span education, training and employment and include increased modularisation of courses and nationally recognised vocational options. One overarching aim of such innovations has been greater motivation and empowerment of learners by means of enhanced careers guidance and personal control of learning. This has led to the establishment of initiatives such as action planning, individual career planning or personal development planning (PDP) which have provided resources for individual support and strategies for personal improvement for students through a process of tutor-student dialogue and review. (Beard, C. & Wilson, J. P. 2002, 11-45) This model encourages discussion to focus on evidence about achievements which, in turn, guides reflection and planning, and results in an agreed record of personal, educational and vocational goals, together with clear steps and targets for achieving them.

PDP initiatives are seen as a natural development and efficient integration of a variety of activities hitherto independently supported in schools and colleges by different groups and agencies. For example, personal development plans (PDPs) draw on the processes fundamental to National Records of Achievement (Beard, C. & Wilson, J. P. 2002, 11-45) which are now offered to all young people, and have proved to be successful in promoting individual reflection on, and recording of, personal ...
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