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Personal Ethics Code

Personal Ethics Code


I am convinced that the current concern for medical ethics meets a pivotal and universal human experience and not merely on the strength of a trend. It is this basic ethical intuition or experience which I propose to discuss here. I shall not therefore, of ethics as a theory of action, but of ethics as a way to assess concrete human actions. Moreover, in my development I will just touch only those aspects which relate directly to the Clinical Ethics. I turn then to some basics that can be useful to those who, day by day we are confronted with ethical dilemmas posed by contemporary medical practice. (Plous, 2008)

I will begin my analysis by highlighting the difference between the technical dimension and the ethical dimensions of medical acts then refer to the criteria that we use to judge the quality of each of these dimensions. This will force me briefly review the elements that determine the morality of compassionate acts. On this basis, we can address the issue of the definition of ethical, clinical problem, proposing a model of analysis and resolution of these problems developed at the Center for Bioethics at our school whose application has proven very useful in personal experience accumulated so far. In this context, it will be necessary to refer to principles that today are considered basic in Clinical Ethics. (Monahan, 2010)

Conclude by suggesting that these lines, rather than the mere reference to certain basic ethical principles, the true foundation of ethics in general and in particular the Clinical Ethics, is given by an anthropological concept which means in practice an attitude of deep respect and affirmation of every human person, as the only appropriate response to their dignity immeasurable. What characterizes modern medical interventions, and makes the Clinical Ethics has become especially relevant today, is its high efficiency and power. We could say that today's technology has given urgency to the ethical question. However, it is worth us to stop further analyzing this statement, as released today. (Kattan, 2009)


It is quite common to hear about technology, spontaneously arise in us the image of complicated devices. We tend to identify the technology with the instruments. If we look at our daily lives, we realize that technology today has become a legitimate lifestyle. Thus, it would be difficult to imagine a day when the resource completely to electricity, clean water or chemicals that we use for washing or the preparation of our clothing, to name a few. The free availability of all these things is so incorporated into our daily routine, consider that even as technology products. Usually do not reflect on their origin, unless some of them were to fail, in which case, in addition to lead a hard, time, it could be that the different activities that make that day thought is seriously threatened. We are immersed in a world that changes our whole lives so that we are not aware of what are the capabilities that technology has ...
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