Personal Management Skills

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Personal Management Skills

Personal Management Skills

Management is the process of planning, organising, implementing and controlling the activities of an organisation to achieve the long term organisational goal. Therefore, to manage the organisation personal and professional skills has to be developed. There are four personal and professional management skills. They are time management, meeting management, stress management and presentation management.

Time management defines as process of developing and utilising the time to operate effectively and efficiently. This helps to manage our schedules and helps to determine the time limitation of the work s and to finish that works in time, what sort of procedures should be followed. Time management helps to develop the personal time management skills. Hence, time management is to plan the programme of work to complete the task in time and to perform effectively and efficiently.

Importance of time management skills are as following

Helps to set up the mission

Helps to make plan

Helps to provide priority to the planned programmes;

Helps in decision-making;

Helps in transferring the works

Helps to setting up the timetable

Meeting management is can be explained as a organising the group of people who tries to solve the certain problem of an organisation by preparing appropriate agenda and following it up. Therefore, successful meeting depend upon the agenda of the meeting. Agenda consist date, time, value, number of people involved in the meeting and previous minutes. There are two types of meeting. They are as follows:

Formal meetings

Informal meetings

The importance of meeting is as follows:

It helps to deliver information

It helps to collect the information

It helps to give the information

It helps in decision making

It helps to solve the problem

It helps to achieve the organisational goals

Stress management is defines as to control different causes of stress which can occur in personal and organisational factors.

Personal stress is that sort of strain which can causes because of type of personality, family matters and financial problems. Similarly, organisational stress is pressure which cause by conflict in the organisation, overload in the work, development of new technologies, restructuring the plans and programmes.

Advantages of stress management are as follows:

It helps to minimise the stress.

It helps to solve the problems.

It helps to maintain good health.

It helps to achieve the goals.

It helps to improve in emotional health.

Presentation management can be defined as ability to accomplish the things with the helps other people by making appropriate planning, organising and monitoring.

In another word it is to display the planned things to the viewers to achieve the particular goal. Presentation is known as informal way of communicating with people which is supported by slides shows, printing materials.

Importance of presentation management is as follows:

It helps to follow up the plan.

It helps to develop self confident.

It helps to communicate with the mass of the people.

It helps to improve the personality skills.

It helps to introduce the innovative product of the company.

Personal and professional management skills plays vital role in the organisation. Hence, the different practical methods applied to improve the skills are as follows:

Time logs are one of the best ...
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