Personal Management Assessment

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Personal Management Assessment

Personal Management Assessment


Most organisations recognise that in today's business climate, survival depends upon workforce capability and specifically, the quality of leadership and management. This places emphasis on key leadership and management qualities and the need for organisations to be highly proactive identifying and developing their leadership talent. It is also essential that the individual managers can identify their individual abilities and limitations as well as those of their colleagues. In order to do this they must be able to perform a skills audit and use it's results as a foundation for improving performance.


For managers to improve their managerial skills continuous personal development should take place. It is true that managerial skills are mostly obtained through experience however continuous personal development can improve them. Through personal development a manager can improve his productivity, increase his effectiveness and discover new and maybe more effective ways of running the organization (Matland 2005). Marketing of toys for one thing is an important industry and they have to be regulated and they have to be advertised in light of the expectations and the demands of the children. That depends on how these children look upon things. Things which are completely beyond the control of the market makers but they have to do so. For instance for an educational society the use of toys will not matter but for a nation where the population is growing it becomes all the more important.

Clothing is another issue and the ads and the advertising campaigns and the expenditures have to be altered and they must be tailor made accordingly. They have to be as per the needs and the demands of the people. We will often notice that these are the things which are aimed at the different groups and the researchers are more interested in important data pertaining the past and the experiences and the life of the clients and the customers.

Throughout this assignment I aim to confirm my understanding of the need to assess management style, the significance of feedback, the role of good communication and the need to minimise harmful conflict. One of the greatest attributes of a good manager is their ability to manage people, because business managers only achieve their results through people. For this reason, both personal and interpersonal skills are vital. An understanding of self and others and how people work and work together is fundamental in being able to practise effective people management.

It is therefore essential that you regularly assess your management style, knowledge and skills and use the results of these assessments to produce development plans to enhance and expand your management skills. By using recognised assessment tools we can recognise and understand the differences between leadership and management and identify our strengths and weaknesses in specific areas and adjust our style to take these into account. During this unit we aimed to:

Develop self

Manage own resources

Develop the trust and support of others

Handle conflict effectively

We used both individual and group work to complete exercises to achieve these ...
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