Personal Masters Learning And Development

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Personal Masters Learning and Development


'Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave'

Section One - Your Strategic Rationale, Masters Objectivity and Self Analysis


For the purpose and objective of making and understanding personal development, highlighting the skills and expertise that have been intended to us, this paper shall have been able to pertain to the accounts of innate development of individuals. Keeping in view of maintaining and limiting our frame of discussion, I shall be intended towards all those attempts that have prevailed during the course of my stay at UWBS and at the same time provide justifications for the purpose and objective of making significant amendments accordingly. Personal skills development and expertise have always been a serious concern and matter of discussion since something new, unique and even more complex than previous situations that have come to us require continuous and iterated consideration regarding the capability of individuals and the hindrances that come with it. In addition to this, maintaining a portfolio regarding your personal skills and a given set of traits and expertise should be inducted and undertaken in order for individuals to keep track to themselves and at the same time help their respective teachers and professors to help identify strengths and weaknesses of their individuals accordingly (Katsiyannis, 2001).

This report is a personal development plan, showing the skills and knowledge, including assessment of the strengths and weaknesses that a person might possess. Development is to nurture, shape and enhance their skills, knowledge, and the best interests to ensure the effectiveness and adaptability, and to minimize technological obsolescence and redundancy. This does not necessarily mean that the upward movement, on the contrary, is about improvement and making personal use at every stage of the career to the fullest of potential.

Personal development plan is an opportunity for a person to understand himself better. It can help in achieving what a person wants, in the short term or long-term, but also determine the skills, knowledge of the needs or capabilities. It can also help in determining the appropriate development to meet those perceived needs. In this report, the strengths are addressed and focus is put on weaknesses.

Teaching and Learning: A dual relationship

Teaching has been long influenced with the notion of spreading knowledge, education and learning towards people of all ages and sizes (Cottrell, 2008, 85). For all those individuals who have been working long and hard in the understanding, methodology, delivery and improvement of the teaching systems, they have made through contributions for the analysis, realization and have tried to make a mark of the contributions they have done in the field of educational and learning respectively.

Teaching and Learning shall help us mould the future of tomorrow, which shall help us identify the purpose and objective of making significant amends and also help us identify the leaders of tomorrow, who shall keenly display and portray effective traits of leadership respectively. Today more than ever, the concept of leadership takes effect ...
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