Personal Statement For University

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Personal statement for University

Personal statement for University

In the entire of my life, I have been leveraged by the accomplishments of numerous large people. But I am most leveraged by the exploits of a commonplace American called Bob. He is a veteran and his article is conveyed in numerous Chinese newspapers. He lost both of his legs as a outcome of hitting a mine throughout the Vietnam War. Being a handicapped individual, Bob can only depend on his hands to proceed about. Although he bears from such critical whole body confinements, he denies to be swamped by despair. He "walked" from the West seaboard area of the United States to the East seaboard area on hands and verified to the world with his activity that bravery, resolve, conclusion and optimism can conquer all types of difficulties. The article has deeply shifted me. I believe that as a individual in sound physiological situation, I should be adept to surmount all obstacles as long as I make strenuous efforts the way Bob did.

My course of life is not as rotated as Bob's, but his essence has become my unchanging encouragement. Born into a family of instrumentalists, I graduated from high school with distinction and was accepted into the Electrical Department of University without being needed to take any entry examination. I chose Biomedical Engineering as my locality of specialization and has since embarked on the maintained study and investigation in this field.

University learning is like a paradise of information replete with prized learned treasures. In it, I greedily soaked up all types of "nutritious" knowledge. Biomedical Engineering is a freshly appeared cutting-edge control and esteem that synthesizes a multiplicity of subjects encompassing physiology, electric driven and electrical devices technology, computer research, and material science. The multi-disciplinary environment of Biomedical ...
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