Phase Two: The Problem/Solution Essay On Water Crisis

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Phase Two: The Problem/Solution Essay on Water Crisis

Phase Two: The Problem/Solution Essay on Water Crisis


After oxygen water is the second most essential thing for the existence of life. It is not possible to survive without water even then most of the countries all over the world are suffering from the water crisis. These are mainly the third world countries in which people do not have clear drinking water. This causes various health issues and as there is no proper arrangement for the medical and health facilities the rate of morbidity and mortality is higher in these countries. Water is most important nutrient for the maintenance of life and health. It is also important for the daily household activities like washing, cooking, cleaning, etc. It is the most unfortunate fact that one third of the world is consist of water but it is not appropriate for drinking or any other use. In some of the developing countries this problem is less as compare to the underdeveloped countries, but even then the situation is very alarming and it requires proper arrangement for it. Another important concern about the water crisis is that there is need for the proper arrangement of this problem as it can be a serious problem for the existence of future generations.

The problem of the increased number of deaths, especially of children, in the third world countries requires attention of world in the name of humanity to look for the proper measures for their prevention(Galiani, 2005, p.83). It is also one of their basic rights to have the basic necessity of life. To have the clear drinking water is the most important right for all the human beings and for a social and ethical reason it is our responsibility to help them. In well developed countries like Unite States where water availability is not an issue, it is difficult to understand the real pain and sufferings due to water crisis. In most of the countries is also noticed that water availability is not an issue. It is also noticed that in these countries most of the water is wasted unutilized. This provides that it is not the problem of water shortage but the main issue is of the water management (Hashimoto, 2002, p. 222-239).

Thesis Statement

Water crisis is a major issue which requires proper solution for its management and availability for the third world countries; it is not the problem with the availability of water but the allocation of it.


This requires proper attention toward the problem and its solution. It is the most important concern for a human being to prevent other human being from harm and other sufferings. The problem with the unavailability of portable clear drinking water is the major issue and this requires attention towards this serious issue. It is the most important concern to provide water for these third world countries. It also an issue that these developed countries also needs to understand the fact that they must not waste the water available ...
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