Philosophy Of Nursing

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Philosophy of Nursing

Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing is a demanding profession and necessitate critical thinking and good communication skills (Betty, Pamela, 2005). No matter the setting whether it is in the hospital or in a community, nurses receive the same reward of helping people. Nursing has come a long way since Florence Nightingale and will continue to evolve well beyond into the future.

Nursing is a leading profession in the sphere of healthcare. The profession is in a major transition. With the passage of time it has become more sophisticated and reaching high to achieve a better status and demands great respect and admiration (Betty, Pamela, 2005).

Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing philosophy, in general, can be defined as a conceptual model or framework providing a frame of reference for nurses to guide their thinking, observations, interpretations, and practices (Seedhouse, 2000). My personal philosophy of nursing is Betty Neuman's Health Care Systems approach (see: Neuman & Fawcett, 2001), which views both the client and the practice of nursing as systemic in nature. As to the concepts of the nursing metaparadigm, Neuman and Fawcett (2001) define the client holistically, tie health and well-being to the holistic nature of the human being, interpolate the environment as comprised of extrinsic and intrinsic variables, and characterize the profession of nursing as the facilitation of total wellness or well-being. The purpose of this paper is to discuss my personal philosophy of nursing and the personal and professional factors that have contributed to the development of my general views.

The concept of Person

While the world is striving for material success, the profession of nursing is based on an interesting humanitarian ground. The nursing professional must fundamentally believe that every human being has a unique self and bio-physiological and spiritual needs. The philosophy of nursing provides for care to all without any discrimination of race, status, religion, ethnicity or nationality.

The concept of Environment and Health

Nurses play an important role in the development of the health care department as they see the needs, the gaps, and the shortcomings as well as the achievements of the health care system (Betty, Pamela, 2005). Nurses help people to maintain their best possible health, given their genetic and environmental constraints (Chitty, 2005).

Concept of Nursing

A nurse is not only someone who takes care of you physically, but someone who can empathize and connect with you as the patient. Being a nurse is a full time job whether it is in the hospital or taking care of the family at home(Randell, Tate, Lougheed , 2007). A nurse should be able to establish trust with their patients and always be there for them in good and bad times. Nurses act as health Shepard (Toward 2020, 2006). To be a nurse one must be attentive, caring, and most importantly dedicated.

Concepts and Values of Nursing

The nursing institution has its foundations based on certain values and concepts that act as the guiding light and principles of their conduct (Lance, 2007). These are the humanitarian values that lift this profession to the ...
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