Physical Health

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Physical Health (Methodology And Data Analysis)

Physical Health (Methodology And Data Analysis)


Physical health, is the body's physiological functioning, i.e. physical function when they develop normally. Physical health keeps us physically fit and willing mechanical activity and work. Individuals who have physical health have a normal development and weight table according to age, their hair bright, lively eyes, teeth and healthy skin smooth and unblemished. It is necessary to devote one or two hours a day for sports and physical exercise, and these activities develop the body, improving the level and strengthen the spirit, embracing the welfare of the individual.

Problem statement

Since the person begins to acquire education, a branch that is present in this is the PE, the same being an educational process which aims to educate man through sports, recreation and the different means and methods training of all its physical, moral and intellectual. The fundamental objectives of Physical Education are intended primarily to generate stress in the individual, or promote good physical health.

Objective of the research

Physical activity is changing along with society. If the excessive toil of prior periods has contributed to premature aging of the population. The increase in sedentary work now tends to deprive a majority of individuals with a physical stimulation needed for their health and well-being.

Research questions

What are the benefits of physical health and how it helps indivduals in life?

The relationship between physical activity and health is more complex than it seems. It depends on many individual parameters such as age, sex, health status, psychological and social determinants, but also the characteristics of the activity itself, its volume and frequency during the life.

Research sub-questions

How physical health play a vital role in life?

How physical health keeps fit and fine?

Research design

The methodology employed to perform this study was described including the role of the researcher and disclosure of existing researcher bias was divulged in order to make sure that evaluation of the research study contained these data points for consideration. The lack of research may be attributed to the fact that many individuals do not report being a victim, individuals may not characterize themselves as victims, and many do not seek medical help or assistance with injuries sustained through the victimization.

Resarch design realtion to project

Understanding the extent to which victimization results in physical health problems is important and necessary, so that resources can be better allocated and victim-assistance programs will be better equipped to help victims deal with the aftermath of being victimized. This entry provides a definition of the physical health consequences of victimization, the types of physical injuries victims often suffer, the prevalence of such physical consequences, and finally ends with prevention efforts currently in place to help reduce the number of physical injuries that occur as a result victimization.

Sources of information

Selecting Participants

When formulating a quantitative research proposal, the researcher needs to include a detailed section on how participants selected. The researcher must also describe pertinent demographic information regarding the selected participants and the overall pool from which the participants are being ...
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