Physician Assisted Suicide And Euthanasia

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Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Physical assisted Suicide

Under the assisted suicide, the aid meant to commit suicide. Were present at the euthanasia doctors executive deadly in action, they assisted in this case tiered worked by hand over the patient, for example, the lethal drug and remain after the application to the decrease in its vicinity, only to find death. The death certificate issued to him not allowed (Brock, 2006).

This process of self-killing can only be performed by patients in the waking state, since the administration of a drug on oral route is happening or parenteral with the help of an infusion can be initialized by the patients, their entry must (Brock, 2006, 8).

Since in order to further support the suicide in Switzerland is, here is the link of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS) mentioned, which has recently created 2004 medical-ethical guidelines for euthanasia and suicide assistant. Content is among other things, the prohibition on the part of the physician to offer assisted suicide, but would after any other way to seek palliative care.

Also, the doctor's dilemma presented clearly, in the event that will not accompany the physicians of individually-moral reasons to commit suicide, he has the right to reject the case. Of these, the doctor-patient relationship affected seriously, because the patient's will and his trust in the doctor, where the practitioner should be located in a high degree, it decided not and rejected.

In addition, the SAMS are down criteria under which a company is appropriate only when the life end is in sight, all alternative treatments discussed and the will to death by a wise man, without external pressure expressed permanently (Rachels, 2001, 7). The examination of these points must be performed by a person to confirm the legitimacy. Because the act of suicide is not a natural cause of death, they must be apprehended by the police in any case (Rachels, 2001).

Because especially in nursing homes because of their high morbidity object potentially an increased rise of the suicide there to accompany them can be found in the guidelines of reference that from the facility management, the ban but no compulsion for both medical and nursing staff to participate suicides the resident can be pronounced.

Similarly, passive euthanasia assisted suicide under the premise that he voluntarily by the patient without any doubt and the benefit of a third party happens with impunity in Switzerland.


Euthanasia is not the only place in patients who are immediately prior to the departure from life, but also among those expected to have a challenging course. Therefore, the goal clearly defined in the dying, the ratio of reducing suffering dark. There are killings here exclude third parties.

The euthanasia defined as, that a third party, usually this is the doctor, performs actions that cause suffering in the context of reducing the death. It is between active and passive euthanasia distinction. In active euthanasia, there is a physical intervention, such as medication overdose as already described in the context of ...
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