Plane Crash

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Plane Crash

Plane Crash


"Flying is not inherently dangerous, but even a greater extent than the sea, the great negligence, incapacity or neglect of the ruthless" - anonymous. (David 2007, 25)

Accidents happen everywhere land, sea, air, and on the transport properties of the accidents, cause damage and waste millions of lives. This is an attempt to aviation accidents, mainly due to failures of mechanical and engine problems. Although aviation is among the most dangerous modes of transportation of any theory of simple negligence resulting from miscalculations and specifications according to the results presented above. The airlift of this type of medium used, usually does not, in itself does not support a body. Normally, ships stay afloat despite the engine failure and vehicles on the road after getting enough movement disorders. (Watt 2009, 96)

Planes in the air are allowed to go to the wonders of mechanical technology, or other disaster in general that the engine is supposed to go toward the mechanical stop the objective of this research is the engine of the air disaster in the world to present an overview of important issues over the years more, for information, aviation accidents in which the mechanical failure of major historical events will be entered to play a certain role, are also other relevant statistics. Finally, we will have a beautiful view of the plane crashes and trace events before the accident at the accident and its aftermath.

Integrity Insurance

There were 2,147 aviation accidents in 1950 and 2004, which was collected the following summary of the database by accident: pilot 37% of all accidents were caused by an error, the remaining 4% were caused by human error, 7% were caused by weather, mechanical failure caused 13% of all accidents, 5% were caused by sabotage, 1% were for other causes, and affects 33% was specified, the number of carriers, including flights certified and non-commercial use by military aircraft private, accredited, and between. From the above statistics, the problem of aircraft mechanics in the third leading cause of accidents is higher than the 4% error driver can cause mechanical problems were detected, some well-known aviation accidents involving engine problems.

Historically one of the first fatality of powered aircraft accident was taken as a result of a mechanical problem in the LT, the Wright brothers Flyer passengers in 1905 September 17, 1908 (2002), and lonely. Is Orville Wright, co-inventor of the airplane powered by a modern pilot plane nose-dived toward the ground due to a broken propeller?

The integrity and quality of activities

Aviation accident in the history of that other American space shuttle Challenger exploded Jan. 28, 1986, is. The space shuttle exploded 73 seconds and just off the Florida disintegrated-lift, the seven astronauts killed on the spot (1996) failure was the cause of the thrusters is one of the rings to the accused of a problem.

The worst aviation accident in the history of Japan Airlines Flight 123 to date, and the acquisition of a mountain ridge Takamahagara Japan, 520 people died August 12, 1985 (1985) ...
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