Planning And Threat Assessment

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Planning and Threat Assessment

Planning and Threat Assessment

1. What principles of access control and the types of access control systems will you use?

Principles of Access Control

Access control defines the control of gaining access to certain resource or person. It involves a controlling power who defines the eligibility of access. The need of access control is required when an individual aims to provide security to confidential and restricted area or equipment. The principles to provide access control to my client will mainly include; prevention of unauthorized human access, legal practices, designing of policies, procedures and technical aspects of access. The objective of the principles is to make sure that only authorized persons are able to access to my client at the house, at the court, and while talking to the media.

Types of access control systems

We can design different types of access controls in order to minimize the risks of danger for the client. Some of them includes time based access, category based access and electronic system. Time based access system restricts people to meet the client during specific hours and likewise, allows people to meet during specific hours. We may assign the hours of meeting during high security hours. Moreover, we may also assign certain days for access (Sarah, 2008).

Category based access system enables you to restrict certain groups of people while providing access to the recognized people. The recognized people may include the medical staff required for treatment of respiratory and other medical conditions, and we can provide access to the press for interviews and updates related to the case. We can use an electronic access system which allows us to detect the person at user access point before entering into the restricted area. The electronic access system serves in the best way because it enables to us utilize the latest technologies of personnel detection and unauthorized access through various technologies.

2. How will you identify the types and functions of unauthorized access detection systems?

Types of Unauthorized Access Detection Systems

It is very important to identify the types of unauthorized access detection systems. These unauthorized access detection systems are also called intrusion detection systems. We can use electronic monitors for the detection of intrusion in order to avoid unauthorized access. These electronic monitors serve as a trigger of response rather than preventive measure. We can use motion detection sensors which can sense and trigger in case of detection of any person in the restricted and high alert areas of the house. We plan to monitor all the ongoing activities through a control panel which have access to all the footages that we gather from CCTV cameras that are located at various places of the house. Human intervention is very important in the overall provision of safety, because they are the one who react at alarms, and provide preventive measures mostly.

Functions of Unauthorized access detection systems

The function of unauthorized access detection systems is to identify various cases of suspicious behavior that could violate security system and try to make unauthorized ...
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