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Vulnerability assessment and Security



Vulnerability is a parameter characterizing the possibility of applying the system described damages of any nature by various external agents or factors. We can connect the word, persistence with the word, “vulnerability.”

The first step is to identify which risks are a threat to any situation. When preparing a list of risks, records of past incidences and occupational experience are not the only valuable sources of information. Since, significant emergencies are rare events; we can extend knowledge of both technological hazards (chemical or physical) and natural in consultation with the fire departments, insurance companies, engineering consultants, and government agencies (Stamp & DePoy 2003).

We can define vulnerability as the likelihood that a group or a defender is going to bear any harm or attack that can vary because of a number of different factors. In the process of vulnerability assessment, we try to determine the amount of exposure a thing has to some threats. In this report, we will discuss the process of identifying threats in a situation and the importance of assessing threats to the environment. Then, we will discuss the components of operations security, and how role do they play in the development of security in the company.

Assessing and analyzing threats

It is very important to identify the threats to make sure we develop a complete vulnerability assessment. The degree of risk in a situation changes according to threats in that situation. We can calculate the degree of risk in a situation through the following equation.

Threats in a military environment are chances that a person or a group of persons will hurt the moral integrity of the military or will hurt things related to military in some way or the other. To handle with these threats and make sure that these threats do not make damage to any military, related thing, we have to identify these threats and study these threats in detail. In a military setting, we can study the military threats in the following way.

Defining characteristics of threat

Something important in analyzing the threats facing our systems is to analyze the potential types of attackers who may attempt to violate our security (Guzie 2000).

Defining characteristics of threat enables military personnel to identify a threat right from the start and treat them according to their class. In a military setting, we classify different levels of threats in different classes according to their characteristics, which help in differentiating capabilities of the resister and case these capacities into different levels. Every level has a special inclemency of categorization, which enables us to identify a particular threat and the level of threat.

Possible path of attack

Another very important component in the process of threat identification in the military is the development and prediction of a possible path of attack from the threat. This definition of path of attack helps in establishing the possible points of access for the terrorists or people, trying to disturb the environment. This in turn, help the security personnel in military ...
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