Terrorist Threat Assessment

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Terrorist Threat Assessment


Terrorism is a highly contested concept with dozens of definitions, none of which are definitive. There is to date no globally agreed, unambiguous definition or description of terrorism. Indeed, recently, prominent legal scholars have questioned whether we ought to spend time worrying about precise definitional issues at all, except for specific legal purposes. In this paper the study will analyze the prospects of Terrorism in United States in a holistic manner.

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Discussion and Analysis2

Threat to civil aviation5

Biological attacks5

Industrial chemical attacks6

Cyber attacks6

Al- Qaida attacks:7

Identified scheme by Al Qaeda:7

Attacks with Weapons of Mass Destruction7

Preventing Terrorist Attacks8

Reducing Opportunities8

Anticipating Terrorist Attacks9

Risk Assessment10

Mitigation of Terrorism10

Partnerships and Dual Benefits10

Government Policy11


Terrorist Threat Assessment


The United States is, and has long been, the primary target of a variety of foreign terrorist organizations. The country itself (as has also long been the case) has remained relatively insulated from these escalations of terrorist violence. Although the USA is a country that is most often targeted by terrorists abroad, it is near the bottom of the list in terms of the number of terrorist attacks within its own borders.

Despite the fact, that the USA has the highest crime and homicide rates in the industrialized Western world (as well as the greatest number of both legal and illegal weapons in the possession of its citizens), politically motivated crimes are relatively infrequent. The country is not a politically polarized country. Unlike France, Italy or Germany, where a variety of political parties represent the extremes of the ideological spectrum in national politics, the USA has traditionally been a two-party country. The two parties differ little in actual substance from one another.

Providing security has been the principle element for the United States of America to its citizens. Illicit activates and terrorists' attacks have always been a major threat to the citizens of the United States of America. It has been observed in the past that America has been under threats and attacks by its enemies every now and then. The main target of enemies is not actually America, but its citizens, no matter where in the world they are situated. It is because of this reason the US intelligence has been on high alert since long. These activities do not only bring harm to the lives of American citizens but also, are a big threat to its economy. War on terror might sound like a new slogan for the United States, but this nation has actually been fighting the war on terror, from a very long time. Terrorists have attacked and harmed American citizens in every part of the world. In most of the terrorist cases, culprit has been found guilty, but then, certain foes were still at large, even then. A credible amount of threats followed by attacks have made the life of these people miserable. If we cover the history, people have been trying to invade the States for good. These constants attacks on the US citizens have molested their ...
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