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ERP systems are considered to be the most complex, largest and most demanding information systems by the contemporary large firms. Firms; who wants a departure from prevailing individual and departmental information systems. By this revolution in the organizational structure, Firms and individuals are widely influenced; however, the information security of the firm has become critical. Additionally, many problematic issues remain to be researched. ERP and related integrated technologies are a transformative force on the accounting profession. As the nature of business evolves, accounting expertise is being called on to make broader contributions such as reporting on non-financial measures, auditing information systems, implementing management controls within information systems, and providing management consulting services. This review of ERP research is drawn from an extensive examination of the breadth of ERP-related literature without constraints as to a narrow to information security issues while rolling out the ERP system in Whole Foods Market, one of the top Fortune 500 Company. Although, particular attention is directed to the leading journals in information systems and accounting information systems; however, early research consisted of descriptive studies of firm's implementing ERP systems. Then researchers started to address other research questions about the factors that lead to the need for change management and expanded forms of user education, rather than the information security issues. The paper draws conclusions about information security issues in ERP implementation relating to both risk identification and risk mitigation in Fortune 500 Company, and offers examples of both specific and generic actions that can be undertaken. But it also notes challenges existing in some other company's contexts that may continue to constrain the effective use of enterprise resource planning systems


Information security is one of the most significant issues for every organization that seek to move side by side with technological innovations. In traditional business operations, the security issues are only concerned to physical protections. The physical protection could be related to the access of human to the buildings or information stored in critical specified rooms. However, in the case of information security in computer systems and software, it requires a new level of detailed and complex security algorithm. Hence, with the advent of computer technology the security expanded to data (Elbanna, et,al. 2007). Applying a good ERP system is not a low-cost or safe venture. In actual, 65% associated with professionals feel that ERP methods have got no less than the reasonable possibility of damaging their own businesses as a result of prospect of setup difficulties. Therefore, it is worthwhile to check the standards in which, to a great extent, decide if the particular execution is going to be profitable. Quite a few researchers have identified many different factors that may be considered to be essential towards the accomplishment of an ERP setup. Many ERP software program vendors make presumptions concerning supervision philosophy and also company practices. Therefore, purchasing a venture program /ERP collection indicates a huge difference as compared to buying software; it indicates buying the software supplier's view ...
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