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Practical Book Review

Practical Book Review


The book, 'Why Don't We Listen Better,' by Dr. James Petersen highlights one of the most important issues in today's world. His book is divided into five major parts that explain the importance of listening in our day to day activities. In the first part of the book, the author creates a theory known as the theory of flat-brain theory of emotions. This theory seeks to explain as to how the mind of the person works when people are communicating with others and how it influences the manner in which we act. In this theory, the author puts together all the feelings, emotions, actions and the way of communication of people (Petersen, 2007).

The second part of the book explains the process of communication with the help of the creative card. He explains that the communication improves with the help of better listening and giving importance to the person who is talking. He suggests that, before replying, it is necessary that the person listens effectively as to what is being said. In the third part of the book, the basic techniques of listening are explained. This helps people in knowing which technique suits their style and helps them in improving their listening skills.

The fourth and fifth part of the book explains the overall process of listening. He explains that in order to listen effectively, it is important that the talking process is given the importance and is being heard in the appropriate manner. He explains it with the help of the Flat Brained Syndrome and how it helps people in overcoming the issues of effective listening (Petersen, 2007). The whole book is an excellent manner in which people can improve their listening skills, and can also make sure that they do not face issues due to ineffective communication skills in their daily lives. This book has changed the approach of many people .


After reading the book, I realized that I have been in the flat brain situation a number of times while communication. According to the theory, the flat brain situation occurs when the mind of the people influence the way people react to others after listening to them. The process of thinking and the manner in which the minds of people work, while others are talking to them always has a negative impact on the actions of the person who is listening.

This has been the case ...
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