Problems With U.S Health Care System

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Problems with U.S Health Care System


The purpose of this study is to expand the boundaries of our knowledge by exploring some relevant literature related to “the problems faced by U.S Health Care System”. In this study we analyze the U.S. health care system with all of its challenges, including policy, economics and potential solutions to reform the system. Moreover, the role of leadership is also examined with reference to the transformation of U.S Healthcare system.

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Discussion & Analysis5

Major Problems in the U.S. Health Care System5

Policy Choices and Access to Health Care for Families5

Lack of Health Insurance Coverage5

Rising Health Care Costs6

Poor Quality of Health Care Services7

Solution & Strategies8

Role of Leadership in Transformation of U.S Health Care System9

Leadership Style & U.S Health Care System11



Analyzing the U.S. Health Care System


Health care is a basic human need. While arguably health depends on many factors other than the availability of health care such as the quality of nutrition, of housing, or of the environment, a basic amount of health care is critical to maintaining, recovering, or developing health to its full potential. This is particularly true in the modern world, where U.S Health care and health care developments have substantially improved longevity and quality of life. It follows that health care systems, which include institutions, resources, and practices whose goal is to provide health care to populations, play a critical role in the health of individuals, families, and communities. It also follows that public policies; meaning legislative, regulatory, or organizational statements issued by public institutions; pertaining to the organization of health care systems are also critical to population health.

One of the key historical contradictions of the United States has been the subject of the health system. Despite the economic potential of that country and its primary role in global geopolitics in recent years, paradoxically, has a population of about 50 to 60 million people (not including immigrants who are illegally in the country) not enjoy any type of medical coverage. That is, in the United States, health is not a universal right but a privilege for those sectors that have sufficient economic resources to afford it (Brown, 2002).

As president this year, Barack Obama has focused his legislative work on reforming the American health care. However, his proposal faced strong opposition from conservative on everything to do with finance, and the potential impact of these proposals on the future budget deficits. Since this deficit is the main reason the current account deficit of the balance of America and, consequently, the current account deficit of the balance of other countries - results of the debate on health care will have an impact on governments and investors around the world (Brown, 2002). In the following section, we will be discussing some of the challenges and problems faced by the U.S' health care system along with the strategies and solution required to reform the system. We will also examine the role of leadership in reforming the current structure of the United State's Health ...
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