Professional Development And Initial Project Planning

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Professional Development and Initial Project Planning

Professional Development and Initial Project Planning

Key Areas of Nursing self-awareness

One of most common and disabling psychological disorders encountered within mental health and general medical settings is that of an anxiety disorder (Dattilio & Kendall 2000:12). Research has indicated that people with learning disabilities are more prevalent to psychological disorders than general population (Hassiotis et al 2000) consequently it could be hypothesised that prevalence rates of anxiety disorders are similar if not greater within learning disabled population. Professional literature suggests that cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) has been an effective treatment against anxiety disorder (Beck 1995) however; this literature has predominately concentrated its focus to within confines of mental health and general medical settings (Dattilio & Kendall 2000:23).

Self awareness is process of understanding one's own beliefs, thoughts. motivations, and recognize how they affect others

SA is the personal understanding of very core of ones own identity.

It is ability to assess one's personality, behaviors & skills accurately.

SA is ability to perceive ones own existence including ones own traits, feelings and behaviors.

It involves objectively examining one's personal beliefs, attitudes, motivations, strengths and limitations.

Understanding another begins with understanding oneself….

To effectively use self as the tool ' nurses must possess knowledge of their personal response pattern s, strengths and limitations.

Why Self Awareness

The Nurse must examine personal feelings, actions and reactions. A firm understanding and acceptance of self allows nurse acknowledge the patient's differences and uniqueness.

Nurses who care for biological, psychological, and sociocultural needs of patient see the broad range of human experience; They must learn to deal with anxiety, anger, sadness and joy in helping patients throughout health-illness continuum.

It allows an individual to interact with others comfortably, to accept difference in others and to observe each person's right to respect and dignity.

Self awareness allows nurse to observe, pay attention to, and understand subtle responses and reactions of clients when interacting with them.

The process of self awareness compels nurses to examine their own value positions so these biases and prejudices are not projected on to others, and so nurses do not reject others who do not share similar values.

Knowing thyself is the basic principle of psychiatric nursing

The process of self awareness in important because nurses psychological state influences way patients information is analyzed

The process of personal introspection adds dimension to nurse-client relationship and is pertinent to understanding client responses, thus enabling nurse to explore these issues with their client

Why to become self-aware

To improve performance

To manage yourself

Set appropriate goals, choose appropriate careers, manage stress

To understand differences between you and others

Understand why others react to you way they do

Adapt your communication to others' needs

Develop interpersonal skills

Know your prejudices

Know your motivation and needs

Know your responses

Feedback from friends & family

Feedback from peers (Active listening and openness)

Feedback from yourself

Campell (1980) has identified the holistic nursing model of self-awareness that consists of 4 interconnected components:





What is nurse-client relationship?

Series of purposeful, goal directed interactions that focus on client's needs…

Main tool of psychiatric nursing




Mutually defined Collaborative

Goal oriented

Professional relationship

With clear boundaries

The identification ...
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